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Russia attacks Ukrainian military base near Polish border: Live Update

Irpin, Ukraine — Just outside the capital Kyiv, Ukrainian and Russian soldiers fought street-to-street battles on Saturday, turning the lush suburbs just two weeks ago into a suburban battlefield.

According to military analysts, Russian troops have approached the capital only once or twice so far. The loss of the town does not necessarily mean an immediate step forward in Kyiv, but Russia’s victory here will help strengthen bondage around the city.

Some residents who fled their homes on Saturday were crying with their plastic bags on top of the concrete shards of the destroyed bridge.

Ukrainian troops blew up the Irpin’Rive crossroads more than a week ago to prevent Russian tanks from rushing in. Only a few days ago, along this same escape route, the mother, her children, and the church volunteers who helped them were killed. During a fierce bombardment.

A man named Vitaly, one of the Ukrainian fighters trying to keep Russians away on Saturday, was located outside what was once an unlikely place for combat: petrol. The stand minimarket, whose windows are now blown away, is a bombardment at the eastern end of the town. This is his hometown, and only two weeks ago he joined a volunteer force called the Territorial Defense Force to try to protect it.

“We are trying to push them back, but we do not control the city,” he said.

The battle over the northwestern suburbs of Irpin, about three miles from the Kyiv city border, literally echoed in the capital. In the capital, sustained fire bass was audibly close to most parts of the city. Artillery duel between Ukraine and Russia Suburban troops intensified on Friday lasted all day on Saturday.

Ukrainian troops were firing a volley of Glad rocket guns fired from a box of rockets on board a truck. Usually, 12 or more shots were fired at one time. I couldn’t see the artillery, but the rocket roared several times. A few seconds later, I heard it every 20 minutes due to a distant impact sound.

Last Saturday, the rocket flew over Ilpin instead of colliding with Ilpin.

Vadim Kovalchuk, a 33-year-old construction engineer who also stayed as a volunteer soldier, described Ilpin, known as the “wonderful city”, which is the perfect place for Kyiv and its employment markets and those who want to get close to schools.

Real estate is cheaper than the city center, the town has grown over the last two decades as newcomers gathered, and many people commute by car to work in the city center until peace collapsed.

As Russian troops advanced into such towns in the past week, Ukrainian troops ambushed armor columns and counterattacked. By Saturday, there were no signs of further efforts by Russian troops to bring these pillars closer to the city.

As Russian infantry are now stationed in parts of Irpin, the flow of internally displaced persons from the town to Kyiv over the remains of the bridge has slowed, leading to a stream of most elderly people who could not leave early. became.

The town is along one of two major routes to the capital, which is currently blocked by Russian troops. Another approach for Moscow’s army is outside Brovary, another suburb in the east, where the Ukrainian ambush of Russian tank lines is located on Wednesday.

credit…Lindsey Adario of the New York Times
credit…Lindsey Adario of the New York Times

System administrator Vitaly described the battlefield on Saturday, but for fear of his safety, gave him only his name.

Three boulevards running between high-rise condominiums and seven city parks pass through the town, which was a selling point for families who moved to the suburbs before the war.

Unity Street was under Ukrainian control on Saturday morning, and Central Street was a no-man’s land, exposed to both Ukrainian and Russian troops. Russian troops were trapped in a building along University Street.

But the situation is fluid, he said. Ukrainian soldiers had “small islands” around shopping centers near the city center, but otherwise it was not always clear who was where.

Under a bridge that was largely destroyed, green water ran over concrete blocks, and wooden boards were laid on debris so that those fleeing could cross one or two at a time. On the other side, abandoned clothes bags, abandoned suitcases, etc. were scattered. Trail.

On the Ilpin side, the road was cluttered with rows of scrapped cars about 0.5 miles long and parked at a depth of three rows. The gray Skoda, left with the driver’s door open, taped the printer paper with the words “Children” to the window. The white modern clarity had a hole in the windshield.


Just outside Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, residents crossed the Irpin’ River to escape the battle between Russian and Ukrainian troops.creditcredit…Lindsey Adario of the New York Times

Natalia Yalomova, 50, was one of the people who went to the bridge on Saturday. She and her husband were waiting for her to leave because she wanted to do what she could to help her fellow inhabitants.

Before the battle began, her household confectionery business “Sweet Happiness for Everyone” stored a lot of ingredients. She burned the first two weeks of the war and handed out her food.

“There was a lot of cake left in the freezer, cream, eggs, sugar, etc. We continued cooking,” she said.

She left because all of Sweet Happiness for everyone was out of stock.

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