Meghan Markle’s biggest troll is her half-sister Samantha

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Quinlan kept coming back to the effect surrogacy could have on the line of succession. She stressed that she believed the children were biologically those of Meghan and Harry, and in an emotional tone, she told BuzzFeed News that her videos were in no way intended to be attacks on Archie and Lilibet. “Oh my God, oh crikey, no way,” she said.

“I am not a stalker. I don’t want to see Harry and Meghan in my life. But at the same time, let’s remove them – these children – from the line of succession. Because they don’t belong there. They don’t belong there and it’s wrong to put them there,” she said. “I’m not going to accept these children as heirs to the throne. No way. No way on the green earth of God ever accepting that, because these children were born of surrogate mothers.

Quinlan continued: “The only way it will all end is if Meghan stands up and says, ‘It’s the truth, a surrogate mother gave birth to my two children, I would like this to be made public. Honestly, I’d take a vacation, I’d be gone,” she said. “It would make my life so much better and — my job would be done. I wouldn’t need anything, I don’t care. I care about the lineage of the crown.

“So that’s what would stop me. For Meghan to tell the truth, and the truth, the biggest lie is surrogacy.”

Quinlan cited Samantha as a source when discussing Meghan’s alleged surrogate pregnancy in videos, and in an interview she told BuzzFeed News that the Duchess’ half-sister spoke to her: “Samantha said that she was barren and couldn’t have children”, Quinlan “She didn’t miscarry either.”

In a subsequent email to BuzzFeed News, Quinlan changed his account and denied that Samantha told him this, stating, “Sam did NOT tell me Meghan couldn’t have kids. I really don’t want to. that Sam is mentioned at all in this claim.I have come to my own conclusion as both a mother and a seeker of truth.

Quinlan’s current YouTube account contains evidence to support her claim that she has a long-standing association with Samantha. A December 2020 video titled “A message from Samantha Markle! Her book is almost here!” shows screenshots of Quinlan DMing with the Twitter account @RealMarkleSammy.

According to a tweet from last year on Samantha’s current Twitter account, Samantha was using @RealMarkleSammy before “ditching” @TheMarkleSammy’s account.

Another video on Quinlan’s Yankee Wally account, “Samantha Markle Gave Me Permission to Post Our DMs, also features screenshots of a conversation Quinlan said he had with Samantha. In this video, the person Quinlan identifies as Samantha is DM of @MarkleSammy64; a tweet from Samantha’s current account said she had used @MarkleSammy64 before.

According to the DMs, screenshots of which are shown in the video, the person Quinlan says is Samantha is asking Quinlan to address “those circulatory lies.”[ing] about me,” which she claims were released by Meghan’s PR to “discredit” her. (At the time, rumors about Samantha’s relationship with her daughter Noel Rasmussen were rife on royal Twitter. )

Quinlan told BuzzFeed News she was happy to let Samantha use her platform to get her message out: “She has my phone number and my email address and she knows I’m always ready to say anything. what she wants me to say,” Quinlan said. “She always tells me what I can get out and what I can’t.”

Quinlan describes Samantha as his “friend” in several videos and even uploaded a clip of the Duchess’ half-sister being interviewed on an Australian news channel to his account with the caption “Proud to call #samanthamarkle my friend “. [sic] as honest as her sister is a liar.” In a recent email, Quinlan said she hadn’t been able to contact Samantha “for a few months now” and said, “As far as I know, we have separated as friends.”

In a DM from Samantha’s Twitter account to BuzzFeed News, someone who appeared to be Samantha wrote that she didn’t know Quinlan “personally” but that Quinlan seemed to be “nice” and “very funny at times.” this reporter from Samantha’s Facebook account, someone who appeared to be Samantha wrote that they “only knew [Quinlan] what’s on you tube and twitter.

A subsequent Gmail message, sent from the account provided by Samantha’s partner, stated that “sadie [Quinlan] NEVER received permission to post DMs or anything for that matter, sadie posted one of our DMs once last year, and I have a message that tells sadie that she is not allowed to do it and never to do it again. “

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