China warns of “worst consequences” for countries that support Taiwan militarily

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China’s government warned Saturday that countries that militarily support Taiwan would face “worst consequences,” according to reports, calling on the Communist Party if “nobody powers” takes action against the island nation. He added that he could stop it.

China-Taiwan relations have been focused on the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the island has strengthened its defenses since the beginning of the war in the case of an invasion from the mainland.

Taiwan said it plans to double its annual missile capacity this year. The Pentagon’s announcement came after Taiwan approved an additional $ 8.6 billion in military spending over the next five years.

Russia invades Ukraine: Live Update

Beijing does not consider Taiwan as a sovereign state, but as a separate state that could be forcibly absorbed by China if necessary.

Chinese military personnel pass by a committee displaying photos of President Xi Jinping in Beijing on March 4, 2022.
(The Associated Press)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine attacks Taiwan with high alerts that surpass the threat of mainland China

According to Sky News Australia, the Communist Party’s warning was issued the day after China’s President Xi Jinping had diplomatic negotiations with Australia.

According to SkyNews, China’s defense ministry has called “idealistic prejudice” after Australia’s defense minister, Peter Dutton, said he would “do everything” to prevent China from attacking Taiwan. Blame.

More aggressive stance

China has recently taken a more aggressive stance towards democratic island nations, sending a record number of fighters into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone at the end of last year.

And last month, when Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, nine Chinese aircraft Entered Broadcast warnings from Taiwan’s air defense identification zone and island nations are urged.

According to the New York Times, Taiwan has become more and more dominant since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and there are similarities to the situation with Beijing. After the invasion, the slogan “Today, Ukraine, Tomorrow, Taiwan!” Spread online.

According to some EstimateChina spends more than $ 250 billion on its annual military budget, while Taiwan spends about $ 13 billion.

The Communist Party has signaled an exaggerated rhetoric intended to make Beijing look aggressive, characteristically opposed to Taiwan’s recent concerns triggered by the Moscow war in Ukraine.

“Keep watching”

“We continue to monitor to attempt identification, [China] Have you learned the right lessons that apply to the changing world order and the concerns we see in Ukraine? US Navy Commander John Aquilino, US Indo-Pacific Army Commander, told the Senate Military Committee on Thursday. Russia’s unified global condemnation of the Ukrainian invasion and its military struggle in the Military Times.

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Russia’s retreat has encouraged many in Taiwan.

“Taiwanese lawmaker Lin Chuin told Bloomberg this week that Putin’s war would not be as easy to rob China as one might imagine.” A military weak country with missiles. “

Bradford Betz of Fox News contributed to this report.

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