“Charmed” Summary: Season 4 Episode 1 — Description of Kaela’s Full Name

The pain of Macy’s death is still fresh, Charmed I returned to the 4th season on Friday and reconstructed the Power of 3 with the help of a new witch. Even if she didn’t understand exactly what was happening.

Last season, Mel and Maggie’s quest to find the mysterious fourth witch predicted by the Guardians led them to Philadelphia, where they met a struggling artist named Kaela. Kaera turned out to be a powerful wizard, and her talent mistakenly turned Josefina into a paper painting, summoning the devil from the negative space of the painting. It was really the first day.

Meanwhile, Jordan reveals a relationship between two obedient magical creatures that become mysteriously aggressive. That’s good because he doesn’t know the name of the existence yet. .. Bleeding from the eyes? No there is not!

Below, Melonie Diaz (Mel) and Sarah Jeffery (Maggie) answer TVLine’s fiery questions, from Friday’s premiere to new girls to new threats and beyond.

TVLINE | How would you describe the current relationship between Jordan and Maggie?
Jeffrey | We pick them up in places we’ve never seen before. They are finally taking their relationship to the next level. Maggie is really working on her demon hunt. And Jordan is a great partner. We both have a dance background. That is also wonderful.

TVLINE | He can heal, it’s convenient, but he’s not a white lighter. Will Maggie help him on a journey to understand what he is?
Jeffrey | I think it’s a personal journey from him. To be honest, I still don’t know what he is. Still, it’s like a question mark. But he’s definitely something and definitely useful. He comes in handy. Hopefully all of us can see what’s going on with him throughout the season.

TVLINE | And Mel obviously has the best life in Blue Camellia, does this mean she’s no longer with Ruby?
DIAZ | I don’t think so, but the relationship isn’t completely dead underwater. They learn how to be really good friends and she helps others on our journey to fight the devil. Mel needs to reassess how she was It’s better for her to talk to her about her relationship with her, whether she was her good partner or not Helps you become a partner.

TVLINE | It’s a buzzer, but hey, being single isn’t shameful.
DIAZ | I feel like I’ve seen Mel have a little fun in Season 1, but she’s always been in a series relationship. It’s cool to see her finally single and ready to interact. And I enjoy watching Mel with various women. I think it’s important for the community to see it.

TVLINE | But Mel’s clubbing and Maggie’s murder are really just a way to distract them …
Jeffrey | … an elephant in the room. I lost her sister. I enjoyed watching the pilot a while ago. [Mel and Maggie] Maggie went out and lived her life after her mother died. Mel was really angry and she had revenge. In Season 4, you can see that everything is in the head. Mel is being processed. Maggie treats it one way and Maggie treats it another way. And that’s fine. Because sadness looks different from person to person.

TVLINE | And you referred to Macy quite a bit in this episode, but how do you keep her memory moving forward?
DIAZ | The death of Macy’s, and even the characters, have a presence throughout the season. We do what we do thanks to her. We want to be witches thanks to the power of Three. We are always thinking of her. When Kaera arrives, we are always thinking of our sister. Macy’s is always somewhere around them, especially in the house.

TVLINE | Speaking of Kaela, adding her to the fold really shakes your dynamics as a sister.
Jeffrey | Indeed, there were some speed bumps when we turned out to be Charmed One in the first season. We had to learn a few things. And now we are in a position to pass on that knowledge to someone else. cool. We are no longer baby witches, but adult witches.
DIAZ | We’re helping her learn how to hone her power, but interestingly, the three of us really don’t know what we’re doing. We understand it with all missions and all demons.

Charmed season 4TVLINE | You accepted her as a witch, but what about as a sister — what if she’s actually a family?
DIAZ | They have a power of three [reactivated], She needs to be a family in some way. That is the content of the season. She understands how she fits into the Power of Three. Mel is welcoming and warm because she feels she has completed this that Kaela can use to help others. ..
Jeffrey | It will take a little longer for Maggie to come. She has a few more reservations. She wouldn’t want her to replace Macy either. But in the end, the three are in this iconic trio. ..

TVLINE | And what about this “tallyman” companion? Do I have to worry?
Jeffrey | Oh, he’s mean. He is not a good person. He brings him a lot of problems. He’s a real trickster and a fan of puzzles, so he keeps it interesting. He is one of my favorite villains we had.
DIAZ | Me too. He preys on people’s vulnerabilities in a very human way. I think the most evil people in life are such people. He is a very sadistic person, but many “know such a person!” [Laughs]

TVLINE | Is it wrong to first think, “Come on, Tallyman, tally the bananas” when you see his name?
Jeffrey | [Laughs] It’s completely different. We are always singing it on the set.

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