Biden turns to TikTok star for war strategy

With Facebook and Instagram banned in Russia, President Joe Biden turned to TikTok stars to win the “information war” with Moscow in the latest NBC Saturday Night Live.

The show was James Austin, who gathered at the White House with a young singer, rapper, mischievous, and animal make-up artist, along with a middle-aged roofer who the White House confused with Charli D’Amelio and a 55-year-old man. A toilet plunger was stuck to the nipple that started in Johnson’s Byden.

White House officials described 30 viral acts in the app about Thursday’s war over Thursday’s Zoom.

“People say this is the first war I fought on TikTok. This is difficult for me because I’m the president’s landline. So I need you. I understand Putin. I understand war. There is one thing I don’t understand. It’s a computer. “

“He means technology, but he says’computer’,” said Jen Psaki, a spokesman for Kate McKinnon.

From LR: Kate McKinnon as Press Secretary Jen Psaki, James Austin Johnson as President Biden, Bowen Yang.
Youtube / SNL

Biden was surprised when Aidy Bryant’s cute character accused his son Hunter of starting a war in Ukraine.

“You don’t expect an animal make-up girl to be an alt-right,” Johnson jokingly said.

The skit ended when Bowen Yang poetically talked about his TikTok channel achieving peace in Europe, when the camera zoomed in on the plunger that stuck to Bowen Yang’s chest.

Host Zoe Kravitz shared her creative process for appearing as Catwoman in “Batman”.

“Preparing for the role of watching the movie’Musical Cats’every day for a year is the same as Joaquin Phoenix preparing for’The Joker’,” Kravitz told the studio audience.

The cat signal broadcast in Manhattan summoned Michelle Pfeiffer and Eartha Kitt’s last year’s Catwoman (McKinnon and Ego Nwodim), a cat woman played by Brian, and a comedian cut disguised by Chris Red. With Williams, she interrupted her soliloquy.

Actress Zoe Kravitz appears in her opening monologue
Actress Zoe Kravitz appears in the opening monologue of “Saturday Night Live”.
SNL / Youtube

In her first skit, Krawitz used a wedding reception speech to tell the groom that the bride (Cecily Strong) drunk and drove, slept with more than 900 men, and attacked the Capitol. January 6th, playing the Loose Maid of Honor to inform (Kyle Mooney).

Pre-recorded commercial spoofing praised the advantages of electronically billing contactless Amazon Go stores. White shoppers liked not having to open their wallets, but customers of Color Kravitz, Nowadim, Kenan Thompson, and Punky Johnson should keep it without paying.

McKinnon played a nerdy high school student and had to call his fellow nerd (Bryant) for real-time advice on how to flirt with Kravitz after study days.

In a less-publicized Disney Channel “Princess and the Frog” clip, Kravitz’s princess explains how amphibians are having sex and reveals that she is the prince of Newark, NJ. I kissed the red frog.

Red lost his interest when Kravitz admitted that he had dissected a frog in high school.

Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Harley tore the writer’s room to find the cat he gave to Kravitz with the latest sketches from the comedy costume “Don’t Destroy.”

When Paul Dano, hiding under the couch, was unearthed in a desperate search, the actor said he was studying his role as a riddler for “Batman.”

Thompson also played a scammer who revealed on videotape to his children and mother that he needed to make a series of films he wrote to pay off his family’s debt. He also apologized to his son (Redd) for him hereditary erectile dysfunction, leaving him a used penis pump.

Colin Jost and Michael Che satirized the latest recent event on “Weekend Update,” and in a Russian news article, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is shorter than average, is “6’5, not crazy.” I joked that I had to mention it.

“Tuesday was International Women’s Day, so I hope you remember smiling,” Choi joked.

The fake anchor also followed up on a post article about New York City strap hangers being futile by a man peeing in a subway car during rush hours.

“They were probably too nervous to say anything because I was on TV,” he cracked.

A week after the guestless segment, Fake Anchor welcomed Kyle Mooney as a Dumble Dozer, a muscle-bound Instagram influencer based on Danville Tsar.

The bulldozer boasted of snowboarding on a bazooka and sleeping with hundreds of models on a yacht, but admitted that he was having a hard time finding happiness and wearing a shirt.

    From LR: Mikey Day, musical guest Rosalía, hosts Zoë Kravitz, Chris Redd.
From LR: Mikey Day, musical guest Rosalía, hosts Zoë Kravitz, Chris Redd.

Alex Moffat also joined the anchor desk as LSD Oscar critic Terry Fink.

Fink was given the false impression that Johnny Knoxville made “Belfast” and explained how the “Encant” screening persuaded him to sell his kidneys for Dogecoin.

Andrew Dismukes played the indignant host of the “Word Crunch” game. There, athlete Kravitz couldn’t stop creating lewd compound words.

In the final skit, it became very lively and emotional when Yang explained to his brunch companions the power of playing the brass band “Don’t Stop Billy Bin”.

“The instrument is doing what Steven Tyler was singing,” Bowen explained.

“Steven Tyler wasn’t on the road,” Nowadim counterattacked.

“It doesn’t matter!” Yang shouted when his dance moves knocked over the waiter tray.

Spanish singer Rosalia performed her new songs “CHICKEN TERIYAKI” and “LAFAMA” in a rare non-English “SNL” performance.

The cast’s dominant tabloid king, Pete Davidson, was again noticeably absent while he continued to film.

The show will be back next week with Ed Sheehan’s musical performance in the fourth consecutive live episode hosted by Kieran Culkin.


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