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A woman stabs her date on her neck for revenge for the U.S. killing of an Iranian general in 2020

From Henderson, Nevada-Police said a woman she met online stabbed her date in retaliation for the 2020 death of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, who was killed in an American drone strike.

According to KLAS-TV, 21-year-old Nika Nikobin was charged with attempted murder, attempted murder, and robbery.

Henderson police wrote an arrest report with Mr. Nikoubin, who met online on a dating site, and agreed to rent a room together at the Sunset Station Hotel on March 5.

According to police, Nikoubin blindfolded the man while he was in the room, and the two began having sex. Nikoubin then turned off the lights, and a few minutes later, the man “struck a pain in the side of his neck,” KLAS reported. ..

Nikoubin reportedly stabbed the man in his neck “for revenge on the U.S. military who killed Kasem Soleimani in 2020.”

The US military killed Solei Mani, the highest general of the Iranian army, in a drone attack in January 2020. Solei Mani led the Kud army of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, a terrorist group responsible for foreign operations in the Islamic Republic.

General Kasem Soleimani, Senior Commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps in Tehran, Iran, on September 18, 2016, joins Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hamenei (not shown) and Commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps. Attend the meeting.

After the stab, the man pushed Nikoubin away from him and ran away from the room to call 911, police said.

Nikobin also ran out of room and told hotel employees that he had just stabbed a man.

While talking to police, Nikoubin told investigators that he “wanted revenge,” and said he had heard the songs “motivated him to take revenge” and “Grave Digger.”

The current condition of the man was not available, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported.

According to the newspaper, Mr. Nikobin will appear in court on March 24 for a preliminary hearing, and it is not yet clear if she has a lawyer.

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