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the boys Will be the boys..

Here’s a teaser trailer for Season 3 of Amazon’s flashy superhero drama: It’s full of everything that fans of sex, violence, and mayhem expect. In addition, the newcomer Jensen Ackles of the series will appear as a solider boy.

The teaser was released during the South by Southwest panel of the series moderated by Christian Slater, who speaks out the characters of the animated anthology series. Boys Presents: DevilishShow runner Eric Kripke was attended by cast members Karl Urban, Laz Alonso, Jessie T. Usher, Chace Crawford, Karen Fukuhara and Ackles to discuss the next season.

Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher, the leader of the rebels at the show, made fun of it. the boys’ A characteristic shocking moment will continue. “I promise I’ve never seen anything like that in the history of the movie. This season has grown. It’s a fun and intense roller coaster ride.”

“”[The scene is] Showrunner Eric Kripke said, “I think it’s not just the crazy thing we’ve ever done, but the crazy thing everyone’s ever done in the first 10 minutes.” I added.

Fans will find Butcher’s power in the trailer, which is one of the things the cast couldn’t discuss, but Krypke reveals that the mysterious Black Noir will be unmasked for the first time in the new season. did. Also, a new season, “In a Subtle Way,” is about Covid’s pandemic. “And I’m not completely ready. [the Trump] The Homelander (Antony Starr) seems to always be interested in what something looks like, rather than solving the problem … it’s about how a particular leader needs to stand in front of him as a macho. am. There is a man with a small penis trying to do something. “

Ackles isn’t a favorite of CW’s longtime fans Supernatural, He said he wasn’t fully prepared for the leap to an R-rated style streaming show. “Reading that script was very spectacular,” Acres said. [a storyline from the comics about a superhero orgy].. I don’t say how they did it, but … “

“It’s still untitled,” Kripke said, saying the show’s college spin-off will start filming next month. Realistic and gritty, but like boys, in a way about police and robbers, college shows are related shows, but in our spins we have weird sex and all sorts of drugs .. “

The teaser is set on the song “Bones”, the first track released from the next release of Imagine Dragons. Mercury — Act 2..

the boys Follow a group of celebrity superheroes who abuse their power for their own selfish interests and a group of outlaw rebels trying to defeat them.

the boys Return to 8 episodes with Prime Video on Friday, June 3rd. Amazon will release three episodes on the premiere day of the show and will broadcast new episodes every Friday until the season finale on July 8.

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