“Talk” fans are gathering around Carrie Ann Inaba while Carrie Ann Inaba reveals her latest health status.

Almost a year since Carrie Ann Inaba Decided to step back from TalkThe character of the 54-year-old television reflects what the broadcast time did for her.

Carrie Ann participated, as viewers of the CBS daytime talk show may know. Talk Cast as a moderator in the fall of 2019 and follow these steps: Brother husband Julie Chen.. Co-sponsored in the spring of 2021 Sheryl Underwood I shared that Carrie Ann was on leave to focus on her well-being. TalkFans turned to her Instagram to catch up with her “healing” journey.

For the next few months, a former professional dancer revealed that he was trying various treatments, although he did not specify his purpose. A few years ago, she was open to multiple autoimmune diseases and health problems such as lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome.And Fibromyalgia Now, since Carrie Ann said goodbye to her, she has shared how she is doing. Talk Co-sponsored last summer.

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Talk to Yahoo! LifeShe revealed as a judge that she first began to experience chronic pain during filming Dance with the stars 2007 season 4. At that time, Carrie Ann had to agree with the fact that her body and identity were changing. She confessed that she “feels a lot of shame” for her dealing with another reality behind the scenes, even though she looks good. ..Since departure Talk In August 2021, Carrie Ann became more in tune with herself and shared that she was being treated for Lyme disease, which is associated with symptoms such as headaches and malaise.

“After leaving Talk, I really focused on my health and it took me a while to figure out what that meant, “she told the outlet. Disappointed me, my body actually awakened me. What I was doing before, that is, I was band-aid things, I was managing the symptoms. I didn’t want health. “

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To hear more about the TV personality’s personal journey on autoimmune diseases, which she calls an “invisible illness,” fans rushed to her Instagram comment section with a heartfelt message about the feelings they saw and heard. I did.

“Stimulating and continuing to lift others, having a chronic illness prevents you from becoming a prosperous and positive vessel to tell your story to inspire and help others. Keep showing them that they don’t. ❤️🥂 “, one person wrote. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing awareness to others working on it. I wish you a healthy and painless day. 💝 “, another person added.

Carrie is still working on various diagnoses, but recently she feels better and continues to check in herself. “I’m much more aware of what it takes to stay healthy right now. It’s a gift, so I have to work on me every day.”

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