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Russia attacks near the capital of Ukraine; the mosque reported a hit

Lviv, Ukraine (AP) —Russian troops attacking the port city of Mariupol have bombarded a mosque that protects more than 80 people, including children, the Ukrainian government said on Saturday that fighting intensified in the suburbs of the capital Kyiv. ..

There were no immediate words of casualties from the mosque bombardment. Mariupol has seen some of the greatest misery from the Russian war in Ukraine, as constant barrages brought in food and water and stopped attempts to evacuate trapped citizens.

The Ukrainian embassy in Turkey said a group of 86 Turkish citizens, including 34 children, were among those seeking safety at the mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Roxelana.

Elsewhere, air raid sirens rang throughout the metropolitan area, and barrages of artillery rushed residents to shelters. Combat broke out in multiple areas around Kyiv.

Slow, terrible and obvious attempts by Russia to surround cities and bombard other densely populated areas with artillery and airstrikes were previously made by Russian troops to crush armed resistance in other campaigns, especially in Syria and Chechnya. It reflects the tactics used.

Artillery bombarded the northwestern suburbs of Kyiv. In the southwestern part of the city, two smokes (black and white) were emitted in the town of Vasulkiv after a strike to the ammunition depot. The attack on the ammunition depot caused hundreds of small explosions due to the ammunition explosion. ..

Mariupol’s death toll exceeded 1,500 in a 12-day attack as of Friday, the mayor’s office said. A strike that killed three people in 446,000 maternity hospitals this week has sparked international anger and allegations of war crimes.

“The dead have not been buried,” the mayor said, as the ongoing artillery stopped the crew from digging trenches in the mass grave. The side of the swirling orange fireball.

According to the World Health Organization, Russian troops have attacked at least 20 hospitals and medical facilities since the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. (304 miles) West of Mariupol.

The hospital’s doctor, Maksim Beznosenko, said hundreds of patients were in the facility during the attack, but none were killed.

The invading Russian troops struggled more than expected against determined Ukrainian fighters, while Russia’s stronger troops had western weapons and others against Ukraine’s west-facing democratically elected government. Despite the ongoing flow of support, there is a risk of crushing the defense forces.

It is believed that the conflict has already fled 2.5 million people abroad and thousands of soldiers on both sides have been killed along with many Ukrainian citizens.

On the ground, the Kremlin’s army appeared to have encountered severe resistance over the past two weeks, accumulated significant losses, and then reorganized to regain momentum. The British Ministry of Defense said Russia is trying to reset and “relocate” its troops. For the operation against Kyiv.

“It’s already ugly, but it’s going to get worse,” said Nick Reynolds, a war analyst at the Royal United Services Institute, a British think tank.

Russian troops have blocked Kharkov, Ukraine’s second-largest city, but are working to build humanitarian corridors around it and around other city centers to help and get inhabitants. Was done.

Ukrainian paramedics reported on Saturday that five bodies (two women, two men and two children) had been removed from the building of the apartment that was bombarded in Kharkov.

The Russians also sought to surround the city by intensifying its attacks on Mykolaiv, located 470 km (292 miles) south of Kyiv.

Russian push from the northeast appeared to be underway as part of a multi-faceted attack on the capital, U.S. defense officials said on anonymous terms, giving the U.S. a reputation for fighting. .. Rearward when troops advance within 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from Kyiv.

The new commercial satellite imagery appeared to capture the bombardment in a residential area between the Russians and the capital. Images from Maxar Technologies showed a flash of muzzle in the town of Moshun, smoke from a large gun, impact craters and a burning house. 33 According to the company, it is a few kilometers (20.5 miles) from Kive.

Residents of a devastated village east of the capital have overcome the fallen walls and flapping metal pieces of the wreckage of pool halls, restaurants and theaters that have just been blown away by Russian bombs.

As temperatures dropped below freezing, villagers quickly spread wraps and nailed plywood over the blown windows of their homes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “I thought he would be responsible here and caused this turmoil,” said 62-year-old Ivan Meljik, “we will never leave.” Added.

On the economic and political side, the United States and its allies have moved to further isolate and sanction Kremlin, and President Joe Biden has said that the United States has dramatically downgraded its trade situation with Russia and that Russia’s seafood, alcohol and diamonds. Announced that it will ban imports.

The move to revoke Russia’s “most favored nation” status was carried out in collaboration with the European Union and a group of seven countries.

“A free world is gathering to confront Putin,” Biden said.

Putin said on Friday that there had been “certain positive progress” in ongoing negotiations between Russian and Ukrainian negotiators following the invasion on the 16th, but did not provide details. ..

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared in a video to encourage his people to continue fighting.

“It is still impossible to say how many days it will take to free the land, but it is possible for us to do that,” he said from Kyiv.

Zelenskyy said authorities are working to establish 12 humanitarian corridors to ensure that food, medicine and other urgently needed basics reach people across the country.

He also accused Russia of kidnapping the mayor of a city called Melitopol and called the abduction a “new stage of terrorism.” Top target.

U.S. defense officials say Russian pilots make an average of 200 sorties a day, while Ukrainian troops shoot 5-10 Russian aircraft with a focus on surface-to-air missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, and drones. Said that.

The United States also said Russia had launched about 810 missiles into Ukraine.

Until recently, Russian troops made the greatest progress in the cities of the east and south, struggling in and around the north of Kyiv. It has also begun to target areas of western Ukraine where many refugees have fled.

Russia said Friday that it used high-precision long-range weapons to “deactivate” military airfields in the western cities of Lutzk and Ivano-Frankovsk. The mayor said the attack on Ruthk killed four Ukrainian soldiers.

Russia’s airstrikes also targeted Dnipro, Ukraine’s fourth-largest city, the major industrial hub in the east for the first time, killing about one million people. One person died, according to Ukrainian officials.

In an aftermath image released by a Ukrainian emergency agency, firefighters extinguished a fiery building and ash fell on bloody rubble. Where the building once stood, smoke swirled over the shattered concrete.

A UN political official said he received credible reports that Russian troops were using cluster munitions in densely populated areas. International law prohibits the use of bombs that widely scatter small explosives in cities and towns.


Contributed by Associated Press journalists Felipe Dana and Andrew Drake in Kyiv, Ukraine, and other reporters around the world.


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