Russia and China announce agreement with US and West

Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping declared a “new era” of world order last week in a matching mauve relationship, supporting the ambitions of their respective territories in Ukraine and Taiwan, at least in the short term. .. We have announced a drastic long-term agreement to challenge the United States as one of the world’s two most powerful autocrats. NATO Liberal democracy as the cornerstone of international security and as a model for the world. “There is no limit to the friendship between the two countries,” they vowed in a communiqué announced after the two leaders met on the eve of the Beijing Winter Olympics. There are no “prohibited” areas of cooperation. “

The agreement between Moscow and Beijing, including the 2001 Friendship Treaty, was traditionally full of vague, lofty rhetoric that had disappeared into forgotten history. But the new and detailed 5000-word agreement is more than a regular collection. Robert Daley, director of the Kissinger Institute in China and the United States at the Wilson Center in Washington, Tropez, told me. NATOThis agreement reflects a more elaborate statement of solidarity than at any time in the past. “This is an idealistic and military pledge that is on par with the United States and the West,” said Daily. The timing and clarity of the communiqué, the tensions at the border between Russia and Europe and the invasion of China around Taiwan, will “give historians certain events that they often focus on.”

The Declaration also promised to go beyond security and cooperate on space, climate change, the Internet, and artificial intelligence. Politically, this document argued that there was no “universal” type of democracy and foretold both forms of authoritarian domination. In Moscow and Beijing as a successful democracy. “This is a step very close to the alliance and shows that it is very in line with the vision of world order in the 21st century,” said former US Ambassador Alexander Burshbow, who said Putin was broader with China. He described the strategic partnership as “unprecedented.” Xi said their joint strategy “has widespread impact on China, Russia, and the world.”

Russian expert Angela Stent described the long statement, which was filled with false accusations, as a surprise to US experts. The person who attended the National Intelligence Council and wrote “The World of Putin: The West and the Remaining Russia” told me. She described the communiqué as “a considerable Orwell” and called the “turning point” that Russia and China are challenging. The balance of power that has defined the world order since the end of the Cold War 30 years ago. “We have the potential to begin a new era as Russia’s relations with the West worsen and China’s relations worsen,” she said, “and its major allies are” in terrible bondage. ” Added.

The joint statement is, at least for now, a diplomatic benefit to Putin in the confrontation between the United States and Europe over Ukraine, and for the first time in any of Russia’s recent invasions, Putin is open to Chinese leaders. Gained support for barrels. He did not support the Russian war in Georgia in 2008 or the invasion of Ukraine in 2014, nor did he allow the merger of Russia’s Crimea. Moscow and Beijing, now capable of rejecting resolutions at the United Nations, have declared opposition.To further expansion of NATO Russia and China oppose attempts by external forces to undermine the security and stability of neighboring common areas, and intend to counter external interference in the sovereign nation’s internal affairs under any excuse. It will increase the color revolution, and cooperation, “the often awkward statement declared.

Washington last month put pressure on Beijing to keep China neutral or out of the Ukrainian crisis, including a call between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Foreign Minister Wang Yi. “Russia now has China as a supporter of Putin’s bet on Ukraine in a vicious and inflammatory position,” said former Secretary of State Andrew Wyeth, who is currently on the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace. “.

As the Ukrainian crisis has already begun to spill over into the tense US-China relations, hints for a shift in China have emerged in the last two weeks. President Biden’s foreign policy wanted to guide relations with Beijing towards stable and manageable competition.China’s foreign minister said Russia’s security concerns after a conversation with Blinken last month NATO The Biden administration argued with a warning last week. The State Department has warned that there is a “set of tools” to deploy to foreign companies, including China, to help Russia avoid disciplinary sanctions.

In the new agreement, Russia reaffirmed its support for Beijing’s one-China policy that Taiwan is “part of China’s inviolability and opposes all forms of independence.” The joint communiqué also supported Beijing’s ruthless crackdown on opponents in Hong Kong. Mr Weiss said the bold allegations in the joint statement show that military relations between the two countries have deepened over the last decade. Russia and China conducted dozens of joint exercises and war games, involving 10,000 troops. Hone your tactical and operational capabilities. Russian authorities are proud that the expanding defense partnership is designed to warn the United States. NATO Do not put pressure on Moscow. Navy operations include simulated seizure of islands, patrols by long-range bombers in the Sea of ​​Japan and the East China Sea, and targeting surface-to-air missiles. Last summer, he witnessed military exercises in both Putin and West China. In October, they conducted a joint naval exercise off the Russian Far East coast. “The frequency, complexity and geographic range are steadily increasing, reflecting the growth of overall bilateral defense relations,” the United States Naval Research Laboratory reported. last year. As two nuclear-armed nations across Europe and Asia, a more muscular partnership between Russia and China could become a military and diplomatic game changer. “I don’t want to formally commit to mutual defense. They don’t have to. The ghosts of their mutual aid will serve as a deterrent,” said Daily.

The joint announcement also reflects the changing balance of power between Russia and China. “Russians have long looked down on seeing China as an indifferent rural society,” Weiss said. , “What are you good for?” China’s ambitions do not go through Moscow. China has become “capricious” by taking advantage of Russia’s needs. As a neighborhood bully, it is beneficial for China that we have to keep returning to Putin. “


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