Power Rangers: The Road to Queer Expression

Confirming the relationship between Ali and Remi was a win for the fans, but it was a bit sour to the idea that it only happened with expensive hardcover collections. Thankfully, the relationship was just the beginning. Power Ranger Embrace the queer character for the first time in a long time.

Izzy (Tessa Rao) smiles at Fern on “The Matchmaker” by Power Rangers Dino Fury.

In 2021 Power Rangers Dino Fury After nearly 30 years of dating at Nickelodeon, the Izzy Garcia character, along with his girlfriend Fern, won as the first queer ranger in the history of television programming. The two are absolutely adorable. Izzy kisses Fern on her cheek, the two go to the prom together, and Izzy calls Fern directly her girlfriend. This was a huge leap for years of subtext, lost opportunities, and a complete post-franchise. Heterosexuality.

However, it was not always certain that Izzy was a queer.

“It was the writer’s intention from the beginning of her character development to make Izzy a member of the LGBTQ + community,” he explains. Dino Fury Executive Producer Simon Bennett.

However, Izzy actress Tessa Lao said in an interview with that she hadn’t been stoned yet when she was cast for that role.

Bennett reveals that when Fern was first introduced in Episode 5 of the season, he and the writer weren’t sure if he and Fern could carry out their vision. Bennett didn’t elaborate. Regarding the process by which Izzy was approved as a queer, he said, “As always in the production process, there was a lot of conversation between different teams.” Bennett also revealed that the approval of Izzy as a queer has nothing to do with the show. Transition from Nickelodeon to Netflix exclusive series.

Bennett and the writers had a rainbow cake to celebrate when rumors circulated that the episode confirming Izzy and Fern as a couple was approved.

With feedback from GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), the writer carefully crafted Izzy’s story, as Bennett explains, “some of the things kids can see in their daily lives. I will describe it. ” Together, Fern kissed her cheek, telling another character, “I won’t date a boy,” and Izzy used the word “girlfriend.”

This decision was supported by part of the artist’s efforts to build a relationship between GLAAD and the two “realistic, continuous, but not always perfect.” The most important thing for the team was to normalize the viewer relationships. Depict like any other relationship. In a fun event, Izzy and Fern are the only relationships that have been identified so far in the series.

When the episode aired, some fans asked how Izzy and Fern were identified. While they were dating, we didn’t know if they were lesbian, bisexual, or something else. Boy when asked.

“The main thing is that I didn’t want to get caught up in the label at a show for young children. I wanted to express a loving and realistic relationship in a way that suits the show’s target audience.”

This particular moment stood out for Marguerite Bennett, who knew that young children and teens who discovered their sexuality were under great pressure to choose their own labels. She understands why having a label on the media is so important.Character sexuality often remained ambiguous, but

“I used to think it was bisexual, but now I’m sure it’s lesbian. Human experience changes the situation. The fact that I didn’t say it was bisexual (Fern) Or I’m a lesbian, she said I’d only date a girl, which told the same point without requiring you to drive your identity into the house. “

Dr. Chanea Thomas (he / she / Ph.D.) is a Black Queer non-binary senior instructor at the Susanne Dwarak Peck School of Social Welfare, a licensed clinical social worker, and how powerful Izzy and Fern’s portrayals are. Dr. Thomas said that the media for strange people in color is “struggle” and the show with those characters is not so long, especially because they are both people of color. It explains that it tends not to continue. Dr. Thomas is watching Izzy and Fern A couple who can see more than one arc of the episode as a source of viewer consistency. It was also heartwarming for him to see strange people of color in an “innocent and childish” relationship.

Dr. Thomas explained that many bizarre relationships on television often jump into physical intimacy, and how she could get the moment Izzy trimmed her hair to impress the fern. I loved you.

“We associate queerness, it’s sex instantly. You’re a teenager and you can’t control parts of your body. That’s fine, but how queer kids interact with each other. I also need a way to learn. These episodes (as a young person) will help me understand how to talk to other people who are fascinated.Dino FuryThis did a perfect job, such as what puppy love looks to the queer people. “

Simon Bennett is proud of what the behind-the-scenes team has achieved with Izzy and Fern and is thrilled with the overwhelming support received from fans and a wide audience. The show was also nominated for the GLAAD Award.

“Izzy’s story is a big step in Power Rangers’ LGBTQ + expression, and I hope that more and more fans can feel expressed in the show in the glorious diversity of the human condition. increase.

Now that Izzy and Fern first appeared and the queer characters were identified, what’s next? Power Ranger?? Can you see male queer characters, which are often considered more taboo in children’s entertainment?Bennett describes Izzy as a queer character Power Ranger And it “hopes to open the door to various opportunities in the future.”

When she was asked what she wanted from the next queer character Power Ranger“There are more of my absolutely childish and greedy answers. Queer writers, producers, actors, we are in the world,” said Marguerite Bennett.

She also tries to give praise as well as herself and those who make strange characters. Power Ranger Today, to all the people who came before her.

“People who have been working on Power Rangers for years, actors, directors, writers, producers, and behind-the-scenes people haven’t received much attention or appreciation for what they did in shepherds and upbringing. There were a lot of people. Story. I hope the next generation doesn’t have to deal with that shit. “

Jackie Marchand applauds Dino Fury Just to praise how Izzy was treated, she never believed that Queer’s expression would be where she is now. Power Ranger..

“Since the first day of the show, have you had a gay man who couldn’t even go out and had a lot of trouble getting gay? Now we can show you gay characters on the screen. It’s a beautiful progress that makes me so happy. I’m happy with the queer kids who can see this, and the longtime queer fans who have been waiting for this day. It’s a happy day. “

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