Pablo Schreiber-The Hollywood Reporter on the difference between “Hello” and “The Mandalorian”

For over 20 years, millions of gamers around the world have played Xbox’s flagship space shooter. Hello And that sequel takes on the role of the futuristic Spartan Warrior Master Chief.

With his bulky armor, amber helmet visor, and countless 26th-century weapons, the sci-fi trooper fights the infinite invading alien power known as the covenant. The Hollywood version seemed inevitable, but it was inevitably difficult. The main character of the game has no character at all, as the Master Chief replaces the player’s helmet.

Various writers, producers and directors jumped into the project, movies and TV shows.In the next series alone, three showrunners (Kyle Killen, Stephen Kane, and now David Wiener) And two networks (ordered by Showtime and jumped to Paramount +).

However, since 2018, at least one constant has been attached. Pablo Schreiber is responsible for embodying a character known to all gamers, but no one really knows it. A game that they believe to be Master Chief, “he says.

The stoic cyber warrior is a pretty reversal for the 43-year-old Canadian who took his first notable break at HBO’s Ark during the season. wire But best known for its greater role than life in titles such as: American Gods When Orange is new black“The characters are so big and wide that I was given a lot of room to push the boundaries in those roles,” he said. Ray Donovan Star Liev Schreiber. “This is a 180 degree rotation. Especially early in the series, it’s a very tight box that tries to find the sweet spot of restraint and try to understand the inside of this guy.”

Instead of seeing the opacity of the Master Chief as a hurdle Hello Makes the character unaware of the past (his memory is erased and emotions are chemically suppressed). Therefore, the question “Who is the Master Chief?” Is a journey of the Shriver character and the audience in nine episodes of the debut season. I opposed the order to protect the young girl (Kwan Ha Boo).

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However, the long development of the project means that another streaming title about a mysterious helmet-clad space warrior who gradually discovers his humanity while helping a fugitive child was defeated on the screen. did.But Shriver says Disney +’s success Mandalorian Not considered a threat.

“I see. There is precedent and people are hungry for this genre and this material, because it’s definitely a duplicate. Their success is a good omen for us,” he says. .. Mandalorian You should always wear a helmet and leave it alone. Hello, Spartan removes 1 ton of helmet. This is just the face of the Master Chief I’ve never seen before. “

The rest of the character’s costume was a hassle. Mandalorian Armor is just protection, and the Master Chief’s bulky bodysuit is intended to serve another purpose.

“It’s 50 pounds of plastic and the suit is aimed at making you superhuman. It boosts Spartan’s performance capabilities by a factor of 10,” he says. Shoot it so that you look like you have psychic powers. “

Hello Schreiber hopes that when fans see the results, the title will soon leave behind its rocky development history and the label of “Video Game TV Shows.”

“There are many opportunities to become a legally superior television exploring these genres, transcending SF shows, superhero shows, video game shows, and more.”

Halo will premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival on March 14th and will debut at Paramount + on March 24th.

A version of this story first appeared in the March 16th issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Click here to subscribe.

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