Outbreak of Local Omicron in China Caused by “Internationally Mailed Letters”: Study

Dr. Eric Fagledin, a U.S.-based epidemiologist and health economist, said China’s Center for Disease (CDC) was “caused by an” international postal letter “in January. It ’s expensive. ” Unlike other cases, it is related to Southeast Asia and North America. “If true, this is the first outbreak cluster to spread that way,” he said.

Studies have shown that this first local cluster caused by the Beijing Omicron variant may have been caused by a previously unreported contaminated internationally mailed document. Especially in certain seasons and regions of China.

Feigl-Ding said Beijing in January is cold, so seasonality may also be a reason. Contact with local or imported high-risk populations. Further investigation showed that the case occasionally sent and received international mail. In particular, international mail documents were received and delivered by the incident on January 11 (two days before the onset of symptoms). From overseas on January 7th. “

Upon arriving in Beijing, the disinfection was done from the outside of the packaged document. A total of 1,054 environmental samples were collected, including 22 cotton swabs in the package received by the case. Twenty-two samples were positive for SARS-CoV-2ORF1ab / N genetic testing, two from the outer surface of the package, two from the inner package, and the remaining eight from the contained paper. rice field. All 12 were Omicrons. The study showed.

Phylogenetic analysis showed that the virus was present near clusters of several strains collected in North and Southeast Asia in mid-December, at the same time significantly different from local clusters in China. Beijing’s Omicron variant. “

“We proposed that the infection was caused by internationally mailed documents, primarily based on the following evidence. Field surveys showed cases with an onset interval of 2 days, except for internationally mailed documents. No potential exposure was shown, “the study said.

According to the study, all identified cases showed epidemiological association with Case A, “Environmental surveillance identified SARS-CoV-2 RNA-positive samples from the contents of the package and some of these positive contents. Was unaffected by the case. ” More importantly, next-generation sequencing showed that the genome of the case matched the sample collected from the mailed document. This is different from stocks in other parts of China.

In China, there is the largest surge in cases of Covid-19.

The daily number of Covid-19 cases in China exceeded 1,000 for the first time in two years, triggered by the outbreak of highly infectious Omicron mutants on a scale only seen at the peak of the onset of the pandemic. Let’s see what this is happening. domestic.

according to ANI According to reports, China reported 476 new cases of locally infected Covid-19, the National Health Commission said on Saturday. , 22 in Hebei, 20 in Jiangsu, and the remaining cases were reported in seven other state-level areas, Xinhua reported, citing the Commission’s daily report.

The National Health Commission has shown that China reported 1,100 domestic infections on Friday, with a surge from just over 300 cases a day within a week. This is a major challenge to China’s ongoing zero-tolerance approach to viruses.

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