On Chinese social media, Justin Sun says he wants to “strengthen cooperation” with Russia.

Justin Sun seems to be hedging his political bet.

Less than a week after Russia launched a full-scale invasion on February 23, the Ukrainian government raised more than $ 50 million in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency tycoons quickly showed their support and announced millions of donations to the cause. Justin San, the diplomat and founder of the popular blockchain Tron, quickly emerged as a loud voice in the Ukrainian cryptocurrency fundraising movement.

But on his Chinese social media platform, he took a slightly different approach. In addition to writing and publishing posts on Ukrainian financing, on March 1st he posted the following message in Chinese to both. Twitter in China And Weibo’s account refers to a virtual meeting with a Russian diplomat.

“In a video call with Russia [World Trade Organization] Ambassador Dmitry Lyakishev discussed how the technology could be used in humanitarian cases for Russian development, such as the use of blockchain technology to help citizens who do not have access to the financial system. We would like to strengthen our future cooperation with Russia! “

This message wasn’t specifically for him English Twitter accountBoasts 3.3 million followers.

Well-known cryptocurrency figures, which have gained a lot of support in both the United States and China, seem to be Sun’s current political tightrope walk. Other parts of the world have largely condemned Russia’s provocative attacks on Ukraine, but China’s online opinion reported that the New York Times had more sympathy for Russia on February 27.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Chinese citizen Sun, who became the WTO Permanent Representative of Grenada after leaving Tron last year, said his “duty” was to protect the interests of Tron users.

Not just the sun One of the first things I checked The Ukrainian government was certainly collecting cryptocurrency donations-I personally contacted the Ukrainian government for confirmation-he also announced Significant personal donation Through a verified Twitter account, he throughout the week Collected his Twitter supporters Donate more of Tron’s native token TRX.

Igor Denisov, Senior Researcher at the Institute for International Relations, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, said: Email to CoinDesk (Sun’s Weibo post on Ukrainian funding wasn’t actually censored, but other war-related content is censored.)

“Brother Sun, help Russia circumvent and take care of financial restrictions,” one Weibo user commented in Chinese on a post about a meeting with Sun’s Russian diplomat.[You have] Over $ 10 billion, that’s enough [run for president of the United States]””

“This is the right attitude,” said yet another user.

Meanwhile, one of Sun’s posts in favor of Ukraine from February 26 was not well received by his Chinese followers.

“Does Brother Sun agree with NATO?” One user commented, referring to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Russian President Vladimir Putin opposes the expansion of this intergovernmental military alliance into Eastern Europe. This is cited as Putin’s main motive. Ukrainian invasion that was interesting to participate in NATO.

“Ukraine is anti-China,” another user commented, and yet another user asked Sun. “Are you a spy from the United States?”

A representative of Grenada’s permanent mission to the WTO said in a phone call with CoinDesk on Friday that the meeting with Sun’s Russian diplomat was merely courtesy.

“Justin San made a courtesy call on March 1, 2022 to introduce Russian counterpart Dimitri Lyakishev through a video conference. The two ambassadors discussed the latest developments at the WTO. We also discussed potential uses of blockchain technology to provide a variety of support. The global community, including Russia, may not have access to the traditional financial system. ” ..

Tron is “neutral and decentralized” Sun Tweet He posted on his main account on March 1 about a meeting with Russian officials.

Stefan Wolff, a professor of international security at the University of Birmingham, said Sun’s desire to strengthen cooperation with Russia could be positive now that diplomacy has been abandoned.

“I’m not denying that his primary concern is stability, which requires Russia to stop its aggression and that if this happens, there remains a working Ukrainian State.” Wolff said in an email to the coin desk.

But it may just be an image issue.

“I honestly don’t know if he’s funding on other platforms in good faith. It’s probably an attempt to draw attention to himself on topics that are currently in high demand among Western viewers. Perhaps in both cases it’s cynical. [public relations] Campaign “.

“I’m very sure, he [f-ing] Great, smooth opportunists don’t know what to choose until the very end, “said a Weibo user.

After Ukraine announced on February 26 that it would accept cryptocurrency donations Sun publicly requested The Tron address is added to the official list of digital wallets. In less than an hour he Tweet He donated $ 200,000 to the Ukrainian cause with the Tron blockchain native token TRX.

On Wednesday, in yet another historic move, the Ukrainian government announced a crypto airdrop (token distribution) to thank donors who have sent millions of dollars to the cause.

Sun was praised for meeting Russian diplomats on a Chinese platform, but was heavily criticized by Twitter users around the world.

of Now-Deleted TweetsSun complained that Tron was excluded from airdrops. Tweets that are still aliveSun said the Tron community continues to support Ukraine even after being excluded from airdrops.

“But it’s unfair to exclude them! All donations should be treated equally!” Sun said.

New diplomat Justin San tweeted his dissatisfaction with the Tron community, which was allegedly excluded from the airdrops planned by the Ukrainian government.

He was responding to Tweet From cryptocurrency entrepreneur Farokh Sarmad, “You are screaming about’unfairness’ while the Ukrainians are hiding in the hope that they will not be bombed. Keep it in sight. “

Sun may have simply defended the interests of more than 5,000 Tron users who donated from Ukrainian injustice, but Wolff is uncertain about Chinese entrepreneurs with a global platform. It is said that it plays a role in stabilizing the area suffering from.

According to Wolff, in addition to the humanitarian catastrophe that wise humans must be interested in ending as soon as possible, what is happening in Ukraine is also causing great turmoil in the world economy. ..

“Therefore, rational agents will be interested in ending the war as soon as possible,” Wolff said.

Wolff pointed out that along with large investors, many major multinationals that have stopped operating in Russia are starting to sell from the country.

When asked if Sun’s team plans to publish a post on his main Twitter profile about strengthening cooperation with Russia, his representative refused to comment on the record.

Meanwhile, Sun tweeted about a meeting with another ambassador. On March 1st, he tweeted about the meeting. US Ambassador to Singapore Jonathan Kaplan..

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