Netflix users around the world can’t fully enjoy this thrilling new historic show

One of Netflix’s most popular shows is a spin-off of a series from a completely different source where Streamer decided to give a green light. Decide to do so and provide the total, not just one. 3 seasons-order at this point Viking: ValharaIs probably worth some bonus for the employees involved. Or, at least, it deserves extensive praise from senior company officials. Because, see below how much this show is crushing it now.

By the way, this show has already finished shooting Season 2. And according to Netflix press material, Viking: Valhara Is set in the early 11th century. And “record the heroic adventures of the most famous Vikings” that have lived so far. Legendary explorer Leif Erikson (Samcorlet), his fiery sister Leif Erikson (Frida Gustavsson), and the ambitious Scandinavian prince Harald Cigardson (Leo Suter). ”

What to see on Netflix in March 2022

As of early March, the largest Netflix original series in the United States is actually Her fragment..This is an eight-episode Netflix series starring Toni Collette, based on Karin Slaughter’s 2019 novel. Her fragment.. It is currently ranked number one in the top 10 lines of content in the Netflix app and on the web, ranking US titles.

But this show is really just the third series in the world. Is it currently the number one Netflix show in the world? It, as mentioned above, Viking: Valhara..

(From left to right) Frida Gustavsson as Freydis and Sam Corlett as Leif in the new Netflix series “Vikings: Valhalla”. Image source: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

The biggest difference is in the newly released Netflix Global Top 10 data that Streamer releases here weekly. The latest data covers the week ending March 6th and categorizes the top titles into four categories. English is included. And non-English TV shows, and English and non-English movies.

In the English TV show category, Viking: Valhara This week we’ve blown away all the other Netflix shows. And it wasn’t that close. Look at the incredible time viewers have spent watching it. Anna’s invention, Only 77.5 million hours have been watched worldwide. For the rest of the shows that conclude the list below, we’ve already covered a lot of shows here. Worst roommate ever To the Kanye West series.

Netflix’s Top 10 Shows in the World

Young woman wearing dark glasses in front of the pool
Julia Garner as Anna Delvey in the new Netflix original series “Inventing Anna”. Image source: Aaron Epstein / Netflix

Below is a complete list of the world’s top 10 Netflix shows this week, ranked in order, with links to Netflix landing pages and the number of hours viewers have spent watching each.

  1. Viking: ValharaSeason 1 — 113.3 million hours of viewing
  2. Anna’s invention (Limited Series) — 77.5 million hours of viewing
  3. Her fragmentSeason 1 — 53.6 million hours viewing
  4. Worst roommate everSeason 1 — 52.3 million hours watch
  5. Love is blindSeason 2 — 39.7 million hours watched
  6. One of us is lyingSeason 1 — Viewing time 16.5 million hours
  7. jeen-yuhs: Kanye trilogy — 12.2 million hours of viewing
  8. Cuphead showSeason 1 — Viewing time 11.8 million hours
  9. Sweet magnoliasSeason 2 — Viewing time 11.7 million hours
  10. Welcome to OzarkSeason 4 Part 1 — Viewing time 9.1 million hours

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