Natalie warned Shayne that she would say ‘no’ to marriage

  • “Love Is Blind” cast member Natalie Lee spoke to the LA Times about her wedding day on the show.
  • Natalie said “I don’t” after her fiancé, Shayne, already said “yes”.
  • She warned him that his answer would be no, but she thinks he hoped she would change her mind.

Natalie Lee left her fiancé Shayne Jensen at the altar in the season two finale of


The experimental reality show “Love Is Blind”.

While the 29-year-old consultant’s “I’m not doing it” statement surprised the public, and apparently Shayne, 32, himself, Natalie now says she gave him advance notice of her plan.

“I warned Shayne that I was saying no, and he was very aware that was going to be my answer,” Natalie told the Los Angeles Times in a new interview. “I think in his head he was hoping that might change, that I would change my mind walking down the aisle, but I was very transparent, it was going to be a no.”

Preparing for Natalie and Shayne’s wedding day showed them both grappling with the aftermath of a big argument. The night before the wedding, off camera, the couple had an argument. It was later revealed by Natalie that the real-estate agent told her that he “hated” her and that she was “the worst thing that ever happened to him”.

At the altar, the officiant asked Shayne for her answer first.

“I do it a thousand times,” Shayne told Natalie. “You are my best friend and there was no one else I would rather do this with in my entire life.”

A woman in a strapless wedding dress with long curly hair and a taller man in a navy tuxedo.

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen in the second season of “Love Is Blind”.

Adrian S. Burrows father/Netflix

Then it was Nathalie’s turn.

“I’m so happy that we shared this journey together. I think we’ve grown a lot as two people who fell in love. I know I’ve grown a lot because of you,” she said before. to drop the hammer. “But I don’t know. I’m really sorry.”

As Shayne stood there, seemingly in shock, Natalie lowered her voice so only he (and the mic) could hear.

“I’m so sorry Shayne, she said. I still love you. And you’re still my best friend, but we have some really big issues to deal with.”

“I know,” he replied.

Natalie left the wedding venue first, and Shayne followed soon after. The two argued outside, still carrying over from the previous night’s fight. Later, away from her ex, Natalie told the cameras she would have said “yes” if it wasn’t for the fight they had the night before.

Natalie says the Netflix team didn’t ‘force’ anyone down the aisle, but by the time she made her decision there were people arriving at the wedding

natalie love is blind

Natalie in “Love is Blind”.


Speaking to the LA Times, Natalie said Netflix’s production team didn’t “force” them to have a full wedding.

“Why we decided to go down the [aisle] and make that decision – our friends and family all flew in for the wedding and so the moment I really made the choice to say no people just show up at my wedding and so you feel like , OK, I’ve got to come down and make the decision,” she said.

Natalie also opened up about how she and Shayne tried to continue dating after their failed wedding day and after the show’s filming period was over.

“That’s when I started realizing, ‘OK, these aren’t healthy arguments, these aren’t healthy conversations,'” she said. “And I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose. I think when he’s emotional he’s just very reactive. And I think my first reaction is, ‘OK, I have to defuse the situation’, and I think that it leads to these unhealthy situations.

For more on how the couple’s relationship ended, read Insider’s story here about Shayne’s Instagram tribute to Natalie and her “remorse” for her actions.

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