“Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Season 4, Episode 8 Summary

It doesn’t matter how many examples of subplots, cliffhangers, and ominous hints were thrown. Marvelous Mrs. MaiselSeason 4 finale. I’m sure I can only remember one “How to get to Carnegie Hall”, so it looks like this:

Midge and Lenny Bruce are sleeping together gorgeously in a similarly gorgeous blue hotel room.

All of that scene is the perfect sequel to last season’s unfinished Miami temptation: the events leading up to it (no foreplay like a police raid), Luke Kirby’s eyes, Midge’s. The show’s corset, Luke Kirby’s eyes-and the cold water bucket Midge needed, the next morning after discovering Lenny’s heroine’s hiding place, the two have no future as much as they wanted to achieve this hookup. Interestingly, I think Midge knows that. Maisel As an audience, it is us who need to start preparing for the inevitable.

What’s more, Lenny does much better than shutting her up for Midge in this episode — he drives her into some pitiful sensations (yes, Susie is the same as Midge throughout the season). It’s frustrating to say that, and it has to be scolded by Lenny for Midge. Finally listen, but even Alex Borstein can’t compete with Luke Kirby’s eyes.)

When we head for 5th and last seasonThings are still a big mess for Midge, Susie, and their close friends and family, but at least now it can be inferred that Midge has dropped her self-justice, opening actless attitude.

During the first third of the episode, Moishe remains unconscious from a heart attack — apparently from the news that Joel and Mei are giving birth to a baby.and it is true Amy Sherman-Palladino & Co. Seems to be preparing for the upset Joel-Mei implosion and the final Midge-Joel reconciliation (MoaningIt wasn’t necessary to give Joel bagels and coffee, Midge) May is regularly with Joel at Moiche’s bedside, but ignorant Shirley hires her to play mahjong with her rude family. I think I’m an employee of my hospital. The situation gets worse ten times as she makes May talk in a bulldozer and isn’t ready to be Ethan and Esther’s stepmother. There is no doubt that Midge’s timing is terrible here, but she looks at Mei’s face when she notices. The baby’s dad’s other kids will probably be part of her life signal showing that this isn’t what she wants. She must convert to Judaism before being told by Shirley.

Another big Season 5 setup is when Rose, who hears about her daughter, fights the matchmaking mafia in Manhattan. here For the song “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” (Yiddish) When English language! ), She sends a delicious scented rose embossed notecard to Gitta, Miss Em, Molly and Benedetta with one message, “I won’t stop!”.

If you go ahead, it won’t be Marvelous Mrs. Maisel If Midge didn’t cause a feminist epiphany on stage due to a major life crisis, she talked about Moiche and her sincere anguish about his potential death while hosting at Wolford. I have no choice but to do it. Support system when a man is scared (she’s talking about Moiche, but when Midge saw how scary Joel was and Mei comforting him, it was clear that there was a sparkle of jealousy.) The stream of consciousness above all, but the best part is how Midge praises the quiet and invisible work of (female) nurses.

If it’s a warm-up for the main event, you’ll be in the midge set further. Behind the scenes, Lenny Bruce has arrived, is ready, and is ready to get fed up with his vicious behavior. Midge makes a half-hearted attempt to blow him away. But as I say throughout this summary, who can resist those eyes? Lenny pitches Tony Bennett’s gig opening to her (he does it himself, except he’s playing Carnegie Hall), and chaos erupts around them. It’s a scene that Lenny is familiar with, also known as a raid.

Escaping from the police, Midge and Lenny are ideal excuses for evacuating to Lenny’s fashionable hotel room. It is painted blue to match his exact specifications. Drinks are drunk and promises are made before them. “Doing very blue things in this very blue room,” Midge makes Lenny swear that she will never forget how funny she is.

But all the beautiful fantasies need to end at some point, and when Midge faces a bag of Lenny’s heroin tools, this fantasy ends like a sledgehammer. With Lenny, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel I have completely rejected this topic until next season.

Also, staying on the ice until the next season is the latest deal with Susie’s devil. When Susie inevitably receives a call about Midge from the Tony Bennett people, she has to refuse the gig. When it comes to the opening act, Midge refuses to break away from her (her painstaking) principles. Of course, they are there, so Frank and Nicky urge Midge to rethink. There will be a crack between the two next season: Susie is naturally angry with Midge for refusing to kill the comic. And finally, Midge, who has acquired the wisdom of the street, has a (fully justified) problem with Susie dealing with the mob.

All we have to do now is sit down, relax and have fun Marvelous Mrs. MaiselAn elegant reenactment of Lenny Bruce’s famous February 1961 Carnegie Hall show and its aftermath. There is a little creative license here. Bruce’s Carnegie Hall gig night was certainly a blizzard, but some mentions in the presidential election are hints. Also, this series is still set in early November 1960. Also, despite the uncontrollable comedian’s incredible realization, Luke Kirby was only able to recreate a handful of snippets from Bruce’s original performance. .. Two, not all of the blues jokes — and you can hear the entire set here for proof — have matured well.

Lenny kills the house, but refuses Tony Bennett’s opportunity, which is comparable to rebuking Midge afterwards. After she rushes behind the scenes to congratulate her, Lenny takes her to the stage of the respected Carnegie Hall for her serious perspective. “The pedestal you put me on,” he says, warning her about the dangers of prioritizing her principles over her actual career. Now she needs to know that she is alive at the time she borrowed (especially when he stopped addicting). Correcting her face, he tells her “wisely”. She doesn’t hide in an illegal strip club like Tony Bennett, but keeps doing it until she lands at Carnegie Hall.

Kirby, who has an exit line that is likely to win another Emmy if she doesn’t, says Midge is “broken.” [his] Fucking heart. “

I give this to Midge: Lenny’s harsh love has made her more successful than ever. As she trampled her way through the snowstorm, she would have seen a sign telling her to “move forward.” Gordon Ford ShowHowever, I think it’s appropriate for Midge to listen to the autograph advice.

It’s time for Mrs. Maisel to conclude the series at the pinnacle of the world.

• Lenny’s show was filmed at the actual Carnegie Hall. I know this because I played it myself on that stage. Find me on twitter Interesting facts if you want to hear: Like this episode, Playing the violin on the roof Connection too.

• Has anyone else noticed that Midge’s hair in the Carnegie Hall scene looked more plump, longer and Jackie Kennedy-ish? It’s the 1960s, man!

• Apparently, Moiche Meisel took Logan Roy’s lessons while in the hospital. “Joel, I love you. You are my son, but stop.”

• Abe couldn’t publish in New York Times (or Village Voice), I say here, for the record, “Moiche Meisel breathed your testicles!”

• I think it’s good that this was the season finale. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel You can escape with untimely references about Russia, but the link to Nikolai Kholovov’s Wikipedia page is for anyone interested in reading more about him.

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