Khloe Kardashian fans in shock as never-before-seen photo reveals star’s ‘natural self’ after she was Photoshopped

KHLOE Kardashian fans were shocked to see a completely never-before-seen photo of the star revealing her “natural self” after being torn up for photoshopping.

The reality star has come under fire for editing her photos on social media to change her appearance.


Khloe showed off her natural look while accompanying her daughter True to her gym classCredit: Reddit
Khloe has been criticized for photographing her photos on social media


Khloe has been criticized for photographing her photos on social mediaCredit: Instagram

Candid photos of the 37-year-old model surfaced on Reddit as she sat in her daughter True’s gym class.

Khloe sat to the side looking at her phone as her three-year-old daughter swung on a gymnastics ring.

The Hulu star wore all black for the outing with her long blonde highlights flowing as she kept her eyes glued to her cellphone.

Her daughter seemed to be having fun in class as she put on a light multicolored leotard with her hair parted in braids.

Tristan Thompson teases his first TV interview after cheating on Khloe Kardashian
Tristan Thompson told Maralee Nichols

Photos zoomed in on Khloe as it was one of the few moments she was captured in footage without any edits.

One user commented on the mother-of-one’s raw appearance, writing, “I think she looks much better in real life than what she photoshops herself to look like”

A second person echoed the thought, in favor of Khloe’s unretouched look, adding, “I was just going to say she looks so pretty here, just lounging and chilling enjoying her daughter’s workout and some free time.”

Khloe has been repeatedly slammed for editing her photos as fans called her out for her failed photoshop.

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Last month, Khloe shared two photos and a video on her Instagram when her followers immediately noticed a big detail she had overlooked.

In the first of three offerings, Khloe posed in a gray bodycon dress in a mirror selfie.

Her hair was in a high bun on her head, wearing large gold earrings and long red fingernails proudly holding her phone.

In the second photo, she looked at the camera close-up, and in the video shot the same mirror and posed.

However, the door seen in the mirror was visibly distorted in both photo and video, and a series of harsh comments ensued.

“Khloe you are beautiful but the door opens,” one wrote.

“Why is your door curved in the video?” wrote another.

“We know the video is up! What happened to your door?” wrote a fourth, while a fifth noted:

“That wavy door in the background is indicative of your daughter!”

Another recent snaffoo took place when the TV star’s hands appeared “terrifying for a long time” according to reviews from a previous photo shoot.

One person exclaimed, “OMG, (they’re) actually awfully long, hahaha!”

Another explained: “It takes 0.2 seconds to zoom in and see where this photo was purchased. Don’t you have a PR team reviewing this before posting it? Just wow.”


In addition to the Photoshopping backlash, Khloe is also still grappling with the aftermath of her ex Tristan Thompson’s love child scandal.

Earlier this year, news broke that the NBA star fathered his third child with fitness trainer Maralee Nichols while dating Khloe exclusively.

Tristan – who is the father of Khloe’s daughter True – has publicly apologized to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum for his infidelity, but the two have remained co-parents.

Months after welcoming son Theo with Maralee, the basketball star dropped a major bombshell about the seriousness of his relationship with Khloe.

In new documents recently filed by Maralee, including Snapchat exchanges between her and Tristan, 30, the athlete revealed he was engaged to Khloe when the affair occurred.

She submitted documents on March 4, according to Us Weekly, which contained Snapchat messages allegedly sent by Tristan in 2021.

While he argued the posts were fake, Maralee’s lawyers say they show his “reluctance” and “refusal” to support his son.


In a message allegedly sent in April 2021, Maralee wrote, “You literally just told me you’re engaged and trying to be with your family…I didn’t even know you were engaged. You you used to treat me like absolute shit and this whole situation was upsetting.”

A few days after the fact, Tristan reportedly replied: “I’m engaged but I’m going to get married soon. I told you that I don’t want and can’t be in the life of a child at all under any circumstances…. Why not wait until you find the right person to start a family with Why would you want a baby with a man who is engaged You want to keep one mistake.

Tristan and Khloe were still dating when the Canadian-born basketball player allegedly sent these messages. Rumors swirled about a possible engagement after Khloe was seen wearing a huge diamond ring on her left hand before their last split, but there was no confirmation.

According to the latest legal filing in the ongoing litigation between Maralee and Tristan, the NBA player spent $2 million on an engagement ring for Khloe.

In May 2021, shortly after the previous messages were allegedly sent, Tristan told Maralee that he and Khloe intended to move in together.

He wrote at the time: “Just a warning me and my fiancé [sic] will publicly announce our marriage.

“Just a warning. We’re probably leaving the country in September and living either in Europe or the Caribbean. It’s better for us and our family to live away from the United States.”

Maralee gave birth to her heir son in December 2021. She sued Tristan for help before giving birth.

Maralee later claimed that Tristan “did nothing to support her” or Theo.

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His rep released a statement in February saying, “He made no attempt to meet with their son and provided no financial assistance.”

Tristan is also the father of a five-year-old son, Prince, with his ex Jordan Craig.

Khloe's baby daddy Tristan Thompson has revealed he was secretly engaged to Khloe at the time of her love child scandal


Khloe’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson has revealed he was secretly engaged to Khloe at the time of her love child scandalCredit: Instagram
The former couple share their three-year-old daughter True together


The former couple share their three-year-old daughter True togetherCredit: Instagram/Tristan Thompson
Tristan fathered his third child with fitness trainer Maralee Nichols when he was exclusively with Khloe and planned to move in together


Tristan fathered his third child with fitness trainer Maralee Nichols when he was exclusively with Khloe and planned to move in togetherCredit: realtristan13/Instagram

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