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Harris Avoids Public Discord in One of the Vice President’s Most Fierce Moments

Bucharest, Romania
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This week, when Vice President Kamala Harris was leaving for Poland, she received an in-flight call from the White House.

According to government officials, it was President Joe Biden who was trying to help his second issue respond to the struggle for power to deal with the problems waiting for her in Warsaw. The Polish government has offered to send fighters through the United States. For Ukraine, the administration had no choice but to categorically decline the Pentagon’s statement the day before Harris’ departure. Usually, such a scenario may prompt a rough call between leaders to clean the air.

But in this case, the administration’s reaction was still unfolding when Harris flew across the Atlantic to meet the Polish president and prime minister. And raised the travel stakes already set for one of her Vice President’s most intense moments.

She managed to avoid public discord, but even a diplomatic victory left doubts about how the conflict that was causing turmoil in Eastern Europe would end.

“I want to be very clear. The United States and Poland are united in what we have done and are ready to help Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. It’s an end,” Harris said at a press conference on Thursday. Said with Polish President Andrzej Duda.

As the fighting in Ukraine intensified and Russian President Vladimir Putin increased the targets of civilians, Harris suddenly plunged into conflict as the highest mission to the continent of Biden. This week’s swing in Poland and Romania was the third visit to Europe in the last four years. Several months. For beginners in foreign policy aspiring to be high-ranking officials, it was a rigorous introduction to wartime foreign policy.

Like most of her events, Harris’s trip was well-scripted. Only the arch beside the Polish President, who kept asking her to answer first at her joint press conference, said with a laugh, “Friends in need are certainly friends.” Sly – The question was about refugees, so some criticism arose.

Otherwise, Harris’s trip rarely generated a lot of Republican criticism, which is unusual for one of his favorite targets of rights. White House officials said they had not received a head-up that Pence was in the area.

By the time he took off before 8 am on Wednesday, Harris had been briefed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken about his trip to the region last weekend and was talking to five Eastern European Prime Ministers. She consulted with the Secretaries of State of Poland and Romania and with other members of the National Security Council in preparation for her visit.

For Harris, it’s hard to say that he wasn’t ready. In almost every public place, she defended “every corner of NATO’s territory” and repeated a version of her commitment that “attacks on one are attacks on all.” US officials have always used the term to confirm the Alliance’s commitment to collective defense, and she has brought a new US commitment to humanitarian aid and the Polish Patriot missile defense system.

However, it was clear that there were limits to what Harris could do to completely reassure this uneasy area. Harris could only say she didn’t know when a Romanian reporter asked her if the country would be invaded next.

“I can’t guess because it’s related to Putin’s future actions,” Harris said.

The question of sending fighters hanging from Harris’s first stop to Ukraine shows the constraints that the United States and NATO are working on while working to save the lives of Ukrainian citizens.

When Biden called Harris on a plane on his way to Poland, his administration reached a decision to bet on the entire prospect of sending a Polish plane to Ukraine. This shows how enthusiastic the president is to avoid directly. Conflict with Russia.

Upon arriving at Belvedere Palace in Warsaw and having a meeting with Doda, this announcement blunted some of Harris’s potential annoyances. They greeted each other under the deep blue sky and shook hands for more than a minute. I shook hands called “tête-à-tête” and spoke personally before bringing in the delegation.

Polish officials were personally angry with the impression that they were postponing the transfer of jets. When Blinken appeared on television on Sunday and gave Poland a “green light” to switch jets, he seemed to be blaming what the United States could do. It is considered an escalation to a country just a short distance from Moscow.

For Harris and Duda, it was a non-negligible topic. Later, US and Polish officials announced a discussion on the issue of fighters in Poland.

“This is what you are working on. It’s clearly there. It’s a serious and legal issue to discuss,” said one senior executive after the meeting. Ukrainian. So the Vice President discussed it with her counterpart. ”

Harris almost avoided the problem when they later came to the press conference, but Duda seemed much more enthusiastic about explaining his rationale.

“These requests were directed at us by the Ukrainian side and, to some extent, by the media,” he said through the translator. “We acted in such a way that trusted members of NATO should act-people who do not want to expose NATO members to difficult situations.”

The Pentagon has already discontinued the prospect of sending fighters to Ukraine, so Harris and Duda are willing to do so, rather than confusing options that neither side seems to have committed so far. I was able to pay attention to that. It’s not clear what it looks like exactly. Harris said anti-tank missiles and anti-tank missile deliveries would continue “to the extent necessary.”

There were no signs of the need for dissolution this week. Even Harris looked amazed at the horrific levels of atrocities taking place in Ukraine and became most enthusiastic when condemning the bombing of a maternity hospital.

“To the innocent people of Ukraine who are proud of being Ukrainians who just want to live in their own country, speak the language they know, go home and go to the church they know. It’s hard to see what’s going on. I’m raising children in an area where my family has lived for generations, “she said.

The human crisis that the war in Ukraine brought to the whole region was unmistakable at each Harris stop. Poles and Romanians compassionately welcomed refugees, wondering if their country could deal with them.

In Warsaw, a humanitarian crisis in Europe was revealed just outside her door. Opposite her hotel was the city’s central bus station, where thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Ukraine have arrived since last week.

Inside, volunteers in orange vests guided new arrivals to the counters to help with accommodation, interpretation, and the next trip. A long line was wrapped around the table serving hot coffee and sandwiches. A box of donated clothes was placed in the corner and a pile of diapers and baby products was available. I’m taking it.

Although relieved to arrive in Poland, the new refugees seemed vaguely a little confused. The Vice President of the United States was also in Warsaw, and no one said he knew he was staying at the hotel next door.

A woman who didn’t reveal her name said she had just arrived with a small family and their husky mix and didn’t know Harris was visiting Warsaw. After all, she has just finished her long journey from Ukraine.

If she had a message to the United States, it was simply “help Ukraine”.


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