Former Russian Foreign Minister: China does not “never” treat Putin as “equal”

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According to a former Russian diplomat, China never treats Russian President Vladimir Putin equally, breaking sanctions and proving to be “ruthless” in any commercial transaction after the aggression leaves Russia unprotected. Will be.

“Putin may go to China,” former Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev told Fox News Digital. Or even as an ally because they don’t need it. ”

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Russia and China have built close ties towards the invasion of Ukraine and have signed a number of transactions that will allow Moscow to economically ease sanctions from the West. Such transactions included broader access to and sales plans for Russian wheat. 100 million tons of Russian coal to China.

However, Kozyrev, who was Russia’s first foreign minister during the post-Soviet era from 1990 to 1996, believes that the dynamics have changed dramatically since the invasion of Russia began: sanctions and frustrating. Suffering from slow progress, Russia is now at the mercy of China, a deal that the two countries may make in the future.

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“”[Putin] “I believe China will save Russia, but it’s ridiculous,” Kozuilev said. Joined sanctions-he will crawl to China asking them to buy some of their mineral resources. ”

“Of course, if someone offers to sell something to you and you know they’re the last source of money for that person, you’ll want a tremendous discount,” he continued. rice field. The last partner I want to deal with. ”

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Part of Russia’s difficulty lies in its industry: Kozilev lamented that Russia was unable to build substantial capacity to produce high-quality goods like other countries. .. Analysis by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development shows that Russia’s exports are predominantly composed of raw materials such as nature, metals, wood, coal and, of course, petroleum.

“”[Russia] You can’t produce your own world-class car … Have you ever seen one made or sold in Russia? “Mr. Kozilev said. Russia is on the world market, but you can only find weapons or raw materials. ”

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Instead, Russia wastes money on “military adventures” and “proves its position.” Russia laments that it is a “declining country” with “only aggressive policies”.

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