Collie releases a new trailer for the discovery of Imran Hubbybe’s baby

Coronation Street Spoilers follow.

Coronation Street As the story of Abi Franklin’s baby continues, has released a new trailer for next week’s episode. Imran Hubbyb discovered that she really didn’t want him to discover.

Abi and Imran had a drunken one-night stand after being tried for an emotionally devastating murder last year, and six months later, Abi gave birth early. She recently relapsed and tried to abandon it for fear of ruining her baby’s life, but Toya Buttersby (the other half of Imran) protected her child and her son’s. I was convinced that I would fight to be a good mother.

But as the trailer reveals, Abi’s attempt to abandon her newborn child becomes publicly known, and Imran learns about it and faces her. the Question: “Is it mine? Am I my father?”


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Of course, Imran becomes a father. He promises to do the right thing and help Abi there, but does so under the guise of providing her legal advice to keep her father secret.

“This is the perfect cover,” said Imran actor Charlie de Melo. There is professional ability there.

“Imran is fighting the corner of Abi in court to prevent his son’s custody from being hijacked.”

Coronation Street, Abi meets her son


But does Toya know that Imran is a baby’s dad? According to Charlie, “it will be inevitable.”

Coronation Street It will be broadcast on ITV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 pm and streamed on the ITV hub.

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