Bold and beautiful twist theory: Has Stefy been in a coma for years?

They may win Dallas!!

since then Bold and beautiful Announced that their big twist is coming, fans are tired of trying to figure out what it is. Is it death? Is it a return? Will Foresters lose their company? Multiple deaths and returns?

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Then, in theory, there is a theory that exists so well that it can cover all of these. Fans have shown strange things on social media and recently pointed out how to keep talking about what a character looks like a “dream”. That’s not surprising.Made them wonder: everything we see teeth dreams? And what if the last two years?

But who’s dream? Not to mention Stephy! She has been in a coma since her motorcycle accident with Bill two years ago. Fan Marco tweeted a detailed explanation of what that means.

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Of course, the two-year coma was Stefy’s painkiller addiction, his relationship with Finn, and, well, All It’s been happening at the show since then. Over the last two years, a number of unpleasant plots could go away. It also makes sense why Steffy is obsessed with the reunion of her parents. Our deepest desires are often carried out within us. Dreams whether we indulge in them or not when we are awake.

There isn’t a shortage of ideas on how this can change the show when it’s finally released, but surprisingly, many fans are involved in the theory. Steffy’s coma can It’s an opportunity to rock the cast, and while you can trim some characters to add other characters, it can also be an opportunity to rock your character.

A chance to a nightmare

Stephanie may still be dreaming of certain people, as she could still hear people talking to her during a coma. ..

For example, she may be dreaming of Finn. Because he’s really her doctor, I hear her talking to her every day while he’s checking her. Of course, it leads to relationships and love! Poor haze is gone, of course, but after she wakes up and makes a new baby haze, there is still time for them to build a doctor / patient romance.

But the question is, is Sheila just Stephy’s horrifying nightmare, or is she actually back in town? As Marco pointed out above, if she is no longer Finn’s mother, she doesn’t have to try to figure out when she was. he.

Sheila may still be in town … and teaming up with Bill! It has already been theorized that it may be Bill who helps her return home. Moreover, everyone knows that Bill likes dangerous women. Do you remember the sultry bedroom scene with him and Quinn? He never hated her like everyone else in Los Angeles, as she was never around during her horrifying reign.

Moreover: Can Sheila and Bill team up (and shack up) to defeat Ridge?

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In addition, Bill does not go beyond his own borderline psychotic break. He once planned to kill Amber, threatened to kill Deacon, and, as far as Bill knew, threw Ridge out of the helicopter with what would have been his death. He was blackmailed, took her bribe, and doesn’t love Forester like Sheila — does he really say no to her? Especially if he thought someone could control her mess and use it for his benefit.

Then there is Stephi’s family. If Hope is Douglas’ mother, isn’t it because she shares his custody with a strange legal arrangement, but because she and Thomas are actually married? The three are always in Stefy’s coma. Suppose Thomas looks back on himself after Stephi’s accident and regains Hope’s love and respect.

What happened to Liam? Apparently, he visited Stephi for her past two years and pinned her. His heart always wants something he can’t have! All her growth over the last two years disappeared from the window the moment she fell into a coma. After all, they have children together. He wanted Stephi to join them, so he had to intervene and become a full-time parent.

For some reason, Stephy would have to know that Deacon was back in town, but what if she knew because she heard his voice … he came to visit with Taylor. When? Yeah, they will be together. When Deacon left prison and returned to town in 2021, she was in a coma, so she eagerly sought the help of her experts to become a better person. Even while they were patient and doctors!

And with the biggest and most incredible shocker of all … Brooke and Ridge will still marry happily without any problems! Neither Deacon nor Taylor made a dent in their love. It’s shocking, isn’t it? Brooke was there for her husband all the while he was dealing with his daughter’s coma for two years.

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It’s very likely that you’ll reset your character or rock it in all sorts of new ways. Of course, that possibility grows as the theory goes wild. There are endless variations in one idea.

There is an idea of ​​Thomas coma suggesting that he has been unconscious since the brain injury, but does that eliminate all of the Hope mannequins?

Next is the Liam coma theory. It really opens things up because it makes your choice when you want to get started. The poor boy suffers from so many concussion and is surprised that he still remembers his name. Well, most of the time. There was a moment of Adam and Eve.

One fan even suggested that the show was all over PhoebeComa and she is awake later 13 years!! Now there is a twist.That reset may be a bit too extreme for most fans (not to mention the show), but that said, it’s completely Turn things over And what’s the biggest thing upside down? Stephanie may still be alive!

What do you think of this massive twist idea? Is Steffy in a coma or is he in someone else? What will happen to your dream story? Bold & BeautyI can do this!

Please let us know below. Then, before you leave, take a look at our new photo gallery, a collection of 75 amazing images that are all defined except for the words “bold” and “beautiful.”


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