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About half of the eight episodes of Apple TV + WeCrashed, Cameron (OT Fagbenle), shares skepticism about WeWork’s large business model with Benchmark Capital’s colleague Bruce (Anthony Edwards). So what’s the difference this time? “

Bruce sticks to his answer, claiming that the company’s surprisingly ambitious and unique magnetic co-founder, Adam (Jared Leto), makes all the difference. Have Seeing this story earlier, it’s detailed in a real news article about Neumann, or reflected in other recent miniseries of corporate gloomy and moody. WeCrashed By enjoying this silly absurdity of Neuman’s worst impulses, we make reasonably entertaining reproductions, but rarely add to the beats we already know from the bottom of our hearts.



Interesting, but ultimately unnecessary.

venue: SXSW Film Festival (Episode Premier)
On-air date:
Friday, March 18 (Apple TV +)
cast: Jared Leto, Anne Hathaway, Kyle Marvin
creator: Drew Clevero and Lee Eisenberg

Created by Drew Crevello and Lee Eisenberg, the episode was directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy, stupid, love), Shari Springer Berman and Robert Prucini (American Splendor, Darkness is saya) more, WeCrashed From a “serial entrepreneur” with baby clothes and foldable high heels swaying in the heel, to the world-renowned CEO of a company worth $ 47 billion, after a disastrous IPO filing, following the familiar rise and fall formulas. Follow Neuman’s journey to his rapid decline to the infamous. It exposed WeWork’s culture and Adam’s own worst excess.

Somewhat unusual, it’s also a love story. At every stage of the road, standing right next to you is Rebekah (Anne Hathaway). Sometimes he enthusiastically amplifies his brilliance, and sometimes he stands in the shadow of him with resentment.

Adam is a talented bullsitter in and of himself, endowed with bulletproof confidence, endless tenacity, and the knack for persuading everyone else to do real hard work. Kyle Marvin) Early in the partnership, before going home and leaving Miguel to assemble a 17-page pitch deck overnight. Although his dark contact lenses have the eerie (and probably unintentional) effect of making Adam look soulless.

But as said in WeCrashedThe relationship between Adam and Rebekah is the foundation for building both WeWork’s best and worst (mostly the worst). Rebekah is the first to encourage Adam to pursue his passion for chasing the world, and he handjobs his self-esteem. When he experiences a rare moment of anxiety, he is in perfect health. He convinces him that it’s time to expand WeWork to private schools with WeGrow.

Hathaway resists the temptation to turn Rebeka into a qualified Woo-type exaggerated caricature. This only makes Rebeka interesting in the end. morning “The soul of the company,” as Rebeka says, is almost weeping in her own depth.

Adam and Rebekah tend to indulge in each other’s most ridiculous impulses, and as WeWork’s value and reputation grow, so does the pair-and each other becomes a permanent galactic brain state. It doesn’t matter: “WeWork is not a business, Feeling“They insist.

WeCrashed Plays the innocence of the pair perfectly straight without blinking or nudge. For example, telling a lawyer to throw away and replace the required S-1 documents can make us blink, howl, or distrust in the audience. Along with what Cameron bitterly calls a “book for children.” It’s unpleasant when both Rebeka and Adam come across, and it’s easy to see what attracted them to each other.

WeCrashedBased on Wondery’s podcast, but less successful in showing why it attracted everyone else to the company, or why they kept them when more and more red flags started popping up. .. Example: Adam has something like a cult The command to his workforce is clear from the scene where he leads the chant at the weekly liquor-fueled “Thank God It’s Monday” conference. But why these employees are enthusiastic about the company, “especially” You are a woman “, a shiny, toxic hustle culture from the early to mid-2010s, fully illustrated by WeWork (and Adam). Beyond the vague nod to, little has been explored.

Also, it’s not clear in most of the series how Adam escaped, as long as he was fooling a seemingly experienced businessman like Bruce. Moreover, even most of the series are not clear. what Because he was running away WeCrashed Until very late, we cannot explain the worst details of Adam’s dubious business practices. For example, the habit of buying a building to lease back to your company.

And like a drama torn from so many headlines, WeCrashed Cameron scolded a young employee of the company for being fooled into buying Adam’s nifty nonsense in the wreckage of WeWork’s failed IPO. Raising the world’s awareness by renting a desk “—I felt a little rich when I was a colleague of Cameron’s venture capitalist who helped WeWork’s reputation rise to such a dangerous ratio in the first place. ..

Perhaps there’s not much else to say, at least from the weird romance version of the story. WeCrashed The true story of Adam Neumann and WeWork did not have a satisfying end in 2019. Adam (real-life spoilers?) Lost his company, but most of us still left with more money than we’ve seen in our lifetime. Even fiction can only go so far to fix a reality that is just as embarrassing.

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