Wang Yi says a “retreat” in relations between India and China is not suitable for both countries

“Be a partner of mutual success, not an enemy of mutual wear.” China’s Foreign Minister calls for a relationship to move forward “on the right track.”

“Be a partner of mutual success, not an enemy of mutual wear.” China’s Foreign Minister calls for a relationship to move forward “on the right track.”

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday that the recent “retreat” in India-China relations did not serve the interests of both countries and called for the relations to “get on the right track.”

Mr. Wang told reporters at a press conference at the National People’s Congress or a parliamentary bystander meeting in Beijing, stating that both sides should not “interfere” the border issue with other relationships.

“The boundary problem remains from history,” he said. “China has long advocated for a fair and equitable reconciliation and managing differences through equal consultation, without affecting or interfering with the overall picture of bilateral cooperation. We are talking about issues related to boundaries and territory. I think people should understand this. “

Mr. Wang admitted that “relationships have faced setbacks in recent years that have not served the fundamental interests of both countries and their people,” and “relationships are on the right track to bring more benefits to the people and make greater contributions.” To move forward on a ride. ” To the region and the world. ”

“When both countries achieve stability and prosperity and live in peace and harmony, world peace and prosperity will have a solid foundation,” he said. Strategic India will work with China to help both countries not threaten each other, provide opportunities for mutual development, continue to build mutual trust, avoid misunderstandings and miscalculations, and become partners for mutual success. I hope to support the consensus. Than the enemy of mutual friction. “

“Some troops are constantly trying to create tensions between China and India and divisions between regions. Their attempts are remorseful and alert to more and more people,” China’s foreign minister said. “. For China and India, the major nations with a population of over 1 billion, only by maintaining independence can we gain a firm grasp of our destiny and achieve our rejuvenation and development goals. “

Wang appears to have mentioned the United States, which accused the region of creating a “block” on Monday, and many Chinese analysts said it helped tensions between China and its neighbors in Washington. I pointed my finger at.

Indian officials emphasized that the cause of the tension was the mobilization of Chinese troops in April 2020 and multiple violations beyond the actual line of control (LAC). They also stated that border peace is a “precondition” for cooperation in other areas. China has not yet provided an explanation for the move.

Negotiations to complete the release process at LAC are proceeding slowly. Differences remain between the hot springs, Demchok, and Depsan, and both sides are considering a date for the next military-level negotiations to complete the release at the hot springs.

The process is still incomplete, so the prospect of short-term deescalation to reduce the presence of thousands of troops on both sides still deployed in the front area seems farther away.

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