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Ukraine: In a World War III warning, the United States opposes Russia’s red line with an unprecedented supply of weapons to Ukraine

Washington: The United States plans an unprecedented weapons pipeline in Poland and Ukraine as its lawmakers warn that pushing too much of the red line drawn by Moscow could lead to World War III. We are working to confront Russia while opening up. It is reminiscent of the successful attack on the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s.
Subsequent results were devastating to Afghanistan, the Soviet Union, and the United States itself in the long run, but a useful lesson as Washington rushed to promote and approve hundreds of millions of dollars under pressure from Western public opinion. Seems to be the furthest from anyone’s heart. Weapons for Ukraine on weekends to stop the Russian invasion.
The Russian invasion was already due to the US and its NATO allies rushing to Ukraine with an astonishing 17,000 anti-tank weapons (mainly US-made Javelin missiles) and other deadly artillery in less than a week. It looks like it’s stagnant. Officials said on Sunday that the United States has given a “green light” to NATO countries that want to provide fighters to Ukraine.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken told CBS that Washington is in talks with Poland to give Ukraine a jet fighter (mainly the Russian MIG-29) and Warsaw will be compensated by US planes.
“In fact, if they choose to offer these fighters to Ukrainians, we are now discussing with our Polish friends what we can do to backfill their needs. Make sure you get something to backfill the plane they are handing over to the Ukrainians, “Brinken asked.
Supplying weapons to Ukraine through a third party seemed to have a very dangerous flirtation on Russia’s red line, so Poland sent fighters to Ukraine or Ukrainian pilots left the Polish airport. I publicly rejected this idea, saying I wouldn’t allow it to be used.
Warnings that the United States will cause a direct conflict with Russia and possibly World War III have refused to force Ukrainian President Vorodimir Zelensky into a no-flight zone to the United States and NATO. Expressed in Washington by.
“I think people need to understand the meaning of no-fly zones. It’s not the rules you pass through that everyone has to oblige. It’s basically the aircraft of the Russian Federation, the beginning of World War II. It means willingness to shoot down-III, “Republican senator Marco Rubio warned on Sunday.
“Frankly, these planes cannot be placed there unless they are willing to knock out the Russian-deployed anti-aircraft system, not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia and Belarus,” he added. Sunday talk show.
The Biden administration also rejected the idea of ​​a no-fly zone, but it seems lacking and ready to do everything possible to strengthen Kyiv by putting boots on the ground in Ukraine. am. Russians kill him.
U.S. officials said over the weekend that more than 70 percent of the $ 350 million in military aid granted to Ukraine last week was already supplied by what is called “warp speed” and much more in the pipeline. Said that.
Meanwhile, the Biden administration is also considering banning Russia’s oil and gas imports to further suppress Moscow, despite the risk of American suffering.
Gas prices surpassed the national average of $ 4 per gallon on Sunday and are ready to exceed the record high of $ 4.11 set on July 17, 2008. If Russia is closed, dealing with Iran is a hot topic.


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