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Relations with India have encountered some setbacks in recent years

China described the latest round of military-level negotiations with India as “positive and constructive” (file)


China and India have faced “some setbacks” in bilateral relations in recent years, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday through border issues through equal position talks for a “fair and equitable” reconciliation. He said he asked to manage the difference between the two.

Wang also said at an annual press conference as a bystander to the Chinese parliament that some forces were constantly trying to stir up tensions between China and India in their references to the United States.

Wang Yi responded to the question PTI asked about the border issue and the relationship between the two countries: “China-India relations have faced some recessions in recent years that have not served the basic interests of both countries and their people. I have. ” ..

“On the border issue, it remains from history. China manages differences through equality consultations and actively seeks fair and equitable reconciliation, while it is bilateral cooperation. I’ve always advocated not to affect or interfere with the big picture, “he said. He said.

China and India should be “partners, not rivals,” said Wang, a member of the State Council.

Last month, Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar said India-China relations are now in a “very difficult stage” after Beijing violated an agreement not to bring military force to the border.

In a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) 2022 in Germany, Jaishankar said India is having problems with China along the actual line of control (LAC).

“Their attempts are increasingly remorseful and alert to thoughtful people,” Wang said, saying that some forces are constantly trying to create tensions and divisions between China and India. Said.

“For China and India, the major nations with a population of over 1 billion, more and more people will realize that only by being self-reliant can they have a firm grasp of their destiny and achieve their development and rejuvenation goals. “It became,” said Mr. Wang. ..

With a total population of over 2.8 billion and one-third of humanity, China and India are proactive in stability and prosperity, and when they live in peace and harmony, world peace and prosperity He said he would have a solid foundation. ..

“Help your brother’s ship cross the shore as the Indian saying goes on. India will work with China to support a strategic consensus that the two countries will not pose a threat and develop each other. We hope to provide opportunities and continue to build mutual trust, avoid misunderstandings and miscalculations, and be partners in mutual success, not enemies of mutual friction. “

He said the two neighbors “must ensure that our relationship is on the right track, moving forward, bringing more benefits to our people and making greater contributions to the region and the world.” Stated. For block politics.

“We have expressed our willingness to cooperate internationally, but we are actually fueling regional competition. We are talking about multilateralism, but we are actually creating an exclusive club. We insist on international rules. But in reality, it sets and imposes rules that suit itself and its acolytes, “he said. ..

The conflict between the Indian and Chinese troops on the eastern Ladakh border erupted after a violent clash in the Lake Pangon region, both sides gradually strengthening their deployment by rushing in tens of thousands of soldiers and heavy weapons. did.

Tensions increased after the deadly clash in the Gallowan Valley on June 15, 2020.

As a result of a series of military and diplomatic talks, both sides completed the liberation process on the north and south shores of Gogra and Lake Pangon last year.

India and China will hold the 14th Kommandierender General-level meeting on January 12, during which time both sides will engage in a “mutually acceptable solution” to the remaining issues of the standoff in eastern Ladakh. Agreed to maintain dialogue through the channel.

Beijing will work closely with New Delhi to border, even if China describes the latest round of military-level negotiations with India as “positive and constructive” and refutes the US’s “intimidating” neighbor’s allegations. He said he would “handle properly” the problem.


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