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In a 50-minute chat, Prime Minister Modi asks Putin to hold a “direct meeting” with Zelensky and thank him for his help in the evacuation.

Prior to the announcement of a ceasefire in parts of Ukraine, including Sumy, and the establishment of a humanitarian corridor, Russian authorities began a ceasefire on Monday in Kyiv, Kharkov and Smee.

Prior to that, Prime Minister Modi also spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to seek support for the evacuation of stranded Indians in the city of Smy in northeastern Ukraine, and immediately violence to ease ongoing conflicts in Eastern European countries. He repeated his call for a stop.

In an approximately 35-minute telephone conversation with Zelensky, Modi sought continued support from the Ukrainian government in an ongoing effort to evacuate Indians from Smy, according to official sources. He emphasized the deep concern about the safety and security of Indian students still in Ukraine and the need for their prompt and safe evacuation. “

Meanwhile, Ukraine rejected Moscow’s offer for a humanitarian corridor to Russia and Belarus on Monday, while Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereshchuk proposed a safe passage of civilians from Kalkihu, Kiv, Mariupol and Smy. “This is an unacceptable option,” he said. Citizens “will not fly to Russia after going to Belarus,” according to the press AFP. Russian troops said on Monday that they would open humanitarian corridors from four cities in Ukraine.

Earlier that day, a source from the Ukrainian Indian delegation told CNN-News18 that the evacuation of students from Smy was about to begin and the situation seemed “positive.” There is a line in front of the hostel, but no bus has come so far. “

CNN reported a video showing the moment a Russian strike killed a family in Irpin, Ukraine, a town on the western outskirts of Kyiv. Recently, Russian troops bombarded Irpin extensively. Video of Ukrainian soldiers standing outside a street building. In the video, you can see and hear the explosion. You can hear debris raining on the building and clouds of dust covering the streets. I can hear several journalists reacting to the strike. Reportedly, as the scene begins to clear, we see someone pulling out Ukrainian soldiers. It looks like other soldiers are running across the street and checking the health of many people.

I hear someone repeatedly yelling “Medic!”. In the picture taken by the Associated Press, the bodies of several civilians are covered with sheets. CNN has determined that civilians killed in the Russian military attack seen in the video have been killed. Mayor Arpin said at least eight people were killed in a military attack on Sunday, according to CNN. “The family is dead,” Mayor Oleksandr Marxin said in his statement. “Two little children and two adults died in front of me.”

Meanwhile, streaming giant Netflix has ceased service in Russia in protest of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, US media reported. The US-based platform had already stopped its acquisition in Russia and the production of its original program earlier this week. “We decided to stop the service in Russia because of the situation in the field,” a spokesperson told the US magazine Variety. Netflix didn’t respond immediately when contacted by AFP.

Netflix has joined many foreign companies that have announced a shutdown or a complete withdrawal from Russia since the Moscow offensive began on February 24 in Ukraine.

Britain has released another $ 100 million to support Ukraine, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Sunday promising new efforts to gather international views against Russia’s aggression. According to a statement from Downing Street, the overall aid to Ukraine is $ 290 million), adding that the new funding will be used to maintain the functioning of the major states.

“(Russian President Vladimir) Putin can only end Ukraine’s suffering altogether, but today’s new funding will continue to help those facing a deteriorating humanitarian situation,” Johnson said. rice field.

Johnson will meet with leaders from four Visegrad countries in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia on Tuesday. This week’s meeting is part of six plans announced Saturday by Johnson’s office to ensure that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine fails.

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