China’s cases have increased the most since the outbreak of Wuhan: Virus Updates | World News

China reported the largest daily tally of coronavirus infections since the outbreak of Wuhan at the start of the pandemic. This is because the highly contagious epidemic mutant causes multiple clusters nationwide.

Hong Kong added 31,008 Covid cases and 153 deaths on Sunday. The number of infections reported was less than 40,000 for two consecutive days, but after exceeding 50,000 three days ago, authorities said it could be due to unreported rapid test results. Because of the “weekend impact”.

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg, Covid-19 kills nearly 6 million people worldwide.

Main development:

  • Virus Tracker: The number of cases exceeds 445.8 million and the number of deaths exceeds 5.9 million.
  • Vaccine tracker: 10.8 billion or more doses
  • Hong Kong Morgue Brings Mobile Refrigerator Due to Rapid Increase in Deaths
  • Two Ways to Escape the Zero Corona Trap in China: Rafael and Fazeli
  • Bankers abandon Hong Kong as Beijing, Cobid Remake City
  • Coronavirus Daily: Vaccine lasted for children in Omicron
  • Bloomberg Opinion Matthew Brooker: Hong Kong Distress Signal Rising

China has added most cases since the outbreak of Wuhan (9:32 am Hong Kong)

China reported the largest daily tally of coronavirus infections since the outbreak of Wuhan at the start of the pandemic. This is because the highly contagious epidemic mutant causes multiple clusters nationwide.

The country announced 214 domestically confirmed cases (defined as symptomatic people) and 312 asymptomatic infections on Monday. A total of 526 in a day is a level not seen in two years, and the country’s solid adherence to the Covid Zero strategy.

The Covid Zero policy has increasingly isolated the world’s most populous nations from the rest of the world as Western nations shift their focus to living with the virus and gradually open up.

Managers expect flexible work reductions (8:01 am HK)

More than half of UK managers hope that when Covid-19 retreats, they will regain remote work and flexible arrangements in the pandemic era, weakening employee expectations that many changes will continue.

Approximately 34% of managers and HR professionals believe that the remote work initiative will be rolled back after the pandemic. A survey of more than 750 people shows that 66% support the current policy.

Nearly 6 million deaths worldwide (5 pm, NY)

According to data compiled by Johns, the global death toll from Covid-19 is close to 6 million, but the actual number is much higher, infecting Asian countries that are less susceptible to previous virus waves. It is unknown because it is concentrated. Hopkins University and Bloomberg.

Each of the last million deaths was interrupted by a variant of the coronavirus-first Delta, then Omicron.

US Trucker Convoy Circles DC (4:44 pm NY)

A group of truck drivers, calling themselves the Freedom Convoy, made two laps around the Washington Beltway, a highway that circles the city, to protest the vaccination obligations and restrictions adopted to fight the pandemic.

Many of the trucks were adorned with the American flag and honked when they saw supporters waving from elevated roads and other vehicles. To the report from the radio station WTOP. It took 30 to 35 minutes to pass.

The People’s Convoy, according to its website, describes itself as a law that protects its citizens. They are calling for an end to the state of emergency that has led to the mandatory vaccines by some governments and hope to consider responding to a pandemic at a parliamentary hearing.

After two rounds of the freeway (a little less than 130 miles), most trucks returned north to Hagerstown, Maryland, where they were first assembled on Friday. The next move isn’t clear, but we’re not going to close Washington, just as Canadian truck drivers blocked Ottawa for three weeks in February.

Covid Reality arrives in New Zealand (12:00 HK)

Covid-19 is currently destroying the nation’s population, thanks to a highly infectious variant of Omicron, after a long period of repellent of the virus. The number has surged from less than 22,000 to over 22,000.

Two years after the pandemic began, New Zealanders are finally facing that reality.

Hong Kong is seeking help from a private hospital (6 pm HK)

Hong Kong officials are working with private hospitals to create space for Covid patients as the city fights the worst waves of the virus. The government will send patients from government hospitals being treated for illnesses other than Covid-19 to private facilities. Health officials said at a news conference on Sunday that they were in a stable condition, recovering and releasing beds in public systems.

“We will continue to keep in touch with private hospitals to reduce pressure on public hospitals,” said Larry Lee, Chief Manager of Hospital Administration.

The city’s health system and Morg are under pressure from record outbreaks that have pushed its mortality rate to one of the highest in the world.


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