China says Taiwan, Ukraine issues are incomparable

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday, Taiwan’s problem is essentially different from Ukraine’s, as China fears it could launch military action in Taiwan in line with Russia’s attack on Ukraine, 2 Insisted that one could not be compared.

“The biggest difference is in the fact that Taiwan is an integral part of China’s territory, Taiwan’s problem is entirely China’s internal affairs, and Ukraine’s problem stems from the bilateral conflict between Russia and Ukraine. There is, “said the King at an annual press conference. Bystander of a parliamentary session.

China sees Taiwan, an autonomous island, as a state of rebels who must forcefully unite with the mainland. The principle of sovereignty on the Ukrainian issue has continued to undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on the Taiwan issue.

He warned that current cross-strait tensions were caused by Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities, who denied one China principle and tried to change the status quo that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same China. .. He accused some US forces of betting on the growth of separatist forces for “Taiwan independence,” challenging one-China principle and trying to hollow out.

Such actions will not only put Taiwan in an unstable situation, but will also have intolerable consequences for the United States. Taiwan’s future lies not in the “empty promise” of foreign relations, but in the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and the unification of the country. Power, he said.

China recently launched aggressive military action against Taiwan, raising concerns in Washington. “Seeking foreign help to gain addiction is a dead end. Plans to contain China using Taiwan are destined to fail,” Wang said.

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Xi Jinping said in Taipei on Monday that he was closely watching what happened in Ukraine, comparing the situation in Ukraine with the situation in Taiwan, although Russia is trying to expand authoritarianism in Europe. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitions are to revitalize the country and strengthen the army.

Mr Wu added that this is a situation that we need to watch carefully and is concerned that in February Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin will form an unlimited strategic partnership.

As we watch what is happening in Ukraine, we care and want to help, Wu said. Chinese leaders said the Western response to Russia’s military aggression was weak and could be considered inconsistent, with the risk that it would have no effect.

Chinese may take it as a clue to possible actions from them [on Taiwan].. But so far, he said, he has seen the Western nations, like-minded nations, united and working together.

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