China blames Washington for North Korea’s quad

China’s top diplomat accused Washington of trying to create an Asian version of the US-Europe NATO military alliance on Monday, saying it was up to the Biden administration to improve relations with North Korea.

At a news conference, Mr. Wang said that US policy on East Asia and the Indian Ocean and efforts to strengthen military relations with Japan, Australia and India are “disasters that disrupt regional peace and stability.” ..

The comments reflected the ruling Communist Party’s ambitions of indisputable power in Asia and its frustration with resistance from neighboring countries to claims sovereignty over the South China Sea and the Himalayas.

They also reflect Beijing’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and China has sought to stay away from the war by seeking dialogue and respect for national sovereignty.

He said Washington would be liable for the dispute for not taking into account Russia’s security concerns.

“The United States is playing a geopolitical game in the name of promoting regional cooperation,” Wang said, “going back” to the willingness to cooperate in the region and “there is no future.” rice field.

The king complained that Washington was organizing a US ally to “suppress China.”

Beijing is frustrated by the growing military relations between the quad countries of the United States, Japan, Australia and India. China last year criticized the United States’ decision to supply Australia with technology to deploy its first nuclear submarine. The “Pacific Strategy” is to create an Indo-Pacific version of NATO. ” The expansion of the Western Union was cited by Russian President Vladimir Putin as one of the reasons behind the invasion of Ukraine.

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Beijing’s assertive foreign policy and claims against the conflict areas of the South China Sea and the Himalayas are hostile to Japan, India and other neighboring countries.

The King urged the Biden administration to revive the spirit of the 1970s agreement that opened US relations with the communist Beijing government.

“The United States is still struggling to compete fiercely with China, constantly attacking and causing problems with China’s core interests,” Wang said.

Washington “should return to the right path of rationality and pragmatism,” he said.

Mr Wang called for Washington to take the lead in improving relations with North Korea. He accused the Biden administration of failing to respond to “positive measures” by Prime Minister Kim Jong Un’s government “to promote dialogue.”

“Where to go next depends largely on what the US does. Will we really take concrete action to solve the problem, or will we continue to use the (Korean) peninsula problem as a strategic bargaining chip? “?” Said Mr. Wang.

The king urged Washington to address North Korea’s “legitimate security concerns” and take steps to establish credibility, but did not provide details.

“China continues to play a constructive role and is willing to work for this purpose,” he said.

Looking at the disputed South China Sea, the king complained that outsiders were hindering efforts to develop a “code of conduct” and that Beijing and Southeast Asian governments should be left alone for negotiations. Stated.

The United States and other governments have dispatched warships to parts of the sea claimed by Beijing to claim the right of vessels from all countries to use water.

“The calm of the South China Sea is not what outsiders want, as it loses the excuse to intervene for personal gain,” Wang said.

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