Netflix: 7 Best New Shows March 2022 + Complete List (Bridgerton, etc.)

“Bridgerton” is back! “Human resources development” is here! And … is “Casual” a Netflix show right now?

1. “Bridgerton” Season 2 (released March 25)

Why should i look? Sondaland’s hit-era drama returns in March, and the second season focuses on Sir Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), the eldest son of a high-society family descendant looking for an ideal partner. But there are few ideas for Anthony’s perfect bride. His standards remain astronomically high, but he acts with true love, so when he turns to Edwina (Charithra Chandran), her sister Kate. (Simone Ashley) will do everything possible to eliminate the unfortunate romance. I definitely love the triangles that ignite some flashy gowns.

Bonus reason: “Bridgerton” was nominated for 12 Emmy Awards in the first popular season, and Netflix gained enough viewers to rank the one-hour soap as the second-watched series in streamer history. I reported that I did. .. Breakout star Leger Jean Page never returns to Season 2, fans see all eight novels due to Netflix’s reputation for ending the original around the fourth season, despite early updates for Seasons 3 and 4. I’m wondering if I can do it. Julia Quinn noticed on the screen. It puts a lot of pressure on the execution of Season 2 and proves her lasting interest in the franchise — stars and the future are hated.

2. “Casual” seasons 1-4 (released March 31)

Why should i look? First of all, you are thinking of the right show. “Casual” was first premiered on Hulu as part of Streamer’s first foray into the original series. It has been part of Hulu’s branding for almost seven years and won the platform’s first golden. He was nominated for the Globe Award in 2016. Now, instead of just switching teams, we’re heading for Hulu’s biggest rival. Just like Brett Favre left the Green Bay Packers for the Minnesota Vikings, “casual” isn’t Hume’s overrated chucker. .. “Casual” is great. Don’t miss the production of Lionsgate TV, starring Michaela Watkins, Tommy Dewey and Tara Lynne Barr, as great as it was then. Also..

Bonus reason: Created by Zander Lehmann, “Casual” revolves around the friendship of brothers and sisters as Valerie (Watkins) travels with Alex (Dewey) following a recent divorce. Along with Val’s daughter, Laura (Bar), the trio is a happy family who need to form their own friendships, but their individual pursuit invites many new friends along the way. “Casual” is piled up in Sterling’s support turn, whether it’s a regular series or not. Adopted buds — or regular stars Fred Melamed, Frances Conroy, Eliza Coupe, Katie Aselton, Britt Lower, Vincent Kartheiser, Judy Greer, Maya Erskine. So, whether it’s your first time seeing it or your seventh time, enjoy watching each winning performance. ..

Maya Rudolph and Thandiwe Newton in “Human Resources Development”

Netflix courtesy

3. “Human Resources” (released on March 18)

Why should i look? Do you enjoy “Big Mouse”? Hormone Monster, Morley, or Hormone Monster, Connie, your favorite character? Children are Not Monsters, Inc. Have you been interested after traveling to (aka Morley and Connie’s office)? “Human Resources” should be just above your alley. From the creators of “Big Mouth” (and Kelly Galuska, the writer of “BoJack Horseman” and “Big Mouth”), Netflix’s spin-off series is a creature trying to help them from those who are experiencing life challenges (all themselves. Molly (voice by Nick Kroll) and Connie (Maya Ludlov) are back (while working on our problem), adding a lot of fresh and friendly creatures. Expect similar animations, revealing reference humor, and more adult-focused music numbers (main human characters are new mothers struggling to connect with babies).

Bonus reason: “Big Mouth” denounces embarrassing adolescent efforts and depicts turning horrifying, isolated, and even traumatic trials into a common shared experience. Anyone reading this will know that emotional and physical difficulties do not stop after puberty. Help break these barriers through Pamela Adlon, Aidy Bryant, Keke Palmer, Randall Park, Rosie Perez, Helen Mirren and Hugh Jackman’s vulgar anime monsters, the Queen and Wolverine. It is certainly helpful to hear the calm tone of.

4. “Andy Warhol Diary” (released March 9)

Why should i look? A six-part documentary series about the legendary artist Andy Warhol’s Diary depicts Warhol’s portrait through his own diary entry, published after his death in 1987. From his childhood in Pittsburgh, travel forever artwork featuring interviews with friends and collaborators such as John Waters and Rob Lowe. However, like the previous Anthony Bourdein documentary “Roadrunner”, “Andy Warhol’s Diary” is also reproduced using artificial intelligence Warhol’s voice, allowing the artist to tell his story in his own words. This technique (or claimed by supporters) was involved in the controversy last year, so we need to see how the audience reacts when we hear Andy Warhol again.

Bonus reason: Ryan Murphy is executive producer of Andy Warhol’s Diary and is said to have limited influence, but full fans of mega-producers must decide for themselves.

5. “Good Girls” Season 4 (released March 7)

Why should i look? Backed by its fascinating cast and passionate fans, the “Good Girls” about a trio of suburban women struggling to face more danger than negotiated after trying to rob a supermarket is a whopping 16 Final run that was able to complete four full seasons including episodes. Now that all 50 episodes can be streamed via Netflix, if you’ve been waiting to watch at your own pace, let’s get started (with a few restrictions, but may continue until the April pick). May.).

Bonus reason: Mae Whitman That’s it, that’s why

OK, okay, do you want more? Letter Yes, that letter. She is wonderful

Moreover? Wow, it’s no wonder you wait until the end of the series before you start — you’re greedy. Christina Hendricks! there! Let’s get started!

Bad vegan netflix documentary

“Bad vegan”

Netflix courtesy

6. “Bad Vegan: Fame, Freud, Fugitive” (Available March 16)

Why should i look? Netflix has all its roots in its obsession with the following true crimes, which is the worst title ever. A four-part documentary from Chris Smith, executive producer of “Tiger King” and “Fire: The Biggest Party That Never Happened”. A $ 2 million series stolen from renowned restaurant owner Salma Melungailis and her lucrative vegan cafeteria. Despite establishing a New York restaurant as a healthy eating destination, Melungailis falls into the simplest scam. The name, immortal puppy, Domino’s Pizza are just a few weird details that are essential to how Melungairis turned from a vegan queen to a “vegan fugitive.” Both will be better titles.

Bonus reason: If “bad vegan” is disappointing, there is always Peacock’s script “Tiger King” series “Joe and Carol …”. Or maybe this month is just a little further away from the real crime.

7. “Pieces of Her” (released March 4th)

Why should i look? In 2018, Toni Collette created her first Netflix original series, Wonder Last. It was great. The eight-episode co-production with the BBC is sympathetic, scorching, and features a fascinating turn from an actress who is always fascinating to watch. The year after Colette returned to Netflix in her limited series “Unbelievable,” her belief was upheld. Despite the difficult subject matter, the series was a word-of-mouth hit and won a Peabody Award (along with four emmy nominations). I urged you to request a reorganization. This clearly shows that her star is on the rise.

We quote the ascending trajectory of these programs so as not to set expectations for Colette’s latest Netflix story, “Pieces of Her.” I will quote these programs because she has already completed it. In its trilogy — in 2020, in the movie I’m Thinking of the End, Charlie Kaufman’s brilliant fantasia features Colette as Jessie Buckley’s intense potential mother-in-law. This movie is challenging (like “incredible”), dark and funny. While pushing the actor into a dimension never seen before (like “Wonder Last”), it’s the third part of Colette’s Netflix journey. “Her piece”, well, it doesn’t do those things. A twisty yet often forgotten method, she has already offered three great options. Just follow your heart.

Remaining incoming TV

“Tomorrow” Season 1 (released in March)
“Guardian of Justice” Season 1 (released March 1st)
“Savage Rhythm” (released March 2)
“He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” Season 2 (released March 3)
“Midnight of Para Palace” (released on March 3)
“Paris Agency: Exclusive Property” Season 2 (released March 3)
“Power Rangers: Dino Fury” (released March 3)
“Lies and lies” (released March 4)
“Making Fun” (released March 4th)
“Astrology Guide for Broken Hearts” Season 2 (Available March 8)
“Last One Standing” (released on March 8)
“Byron Base” (released on March 9)
“Queer Eye Germany” (released March 9th)
“Last Kingdom” Season 5 (released March 9)
“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” Season 7 (released March 9)
“Karma World” Season 2 (released March 9)
“Love, life, and everything in between” (released March 10)
“Formula 1: Drive to Survive” Season 4 (released March 11)
“The World After Death with Tyler Henry” (Released March 11)
“Once upon a time … I’ll never be happy” (released on March 11)
“Pedal to Metal” (released March 16)
“Sat” (released on March 17)
“Alessandro Catteran: One Simple Question” (Available March 18)
“Animal” Season 2 (released March 18)
“Dragon Quest Monsters” (released on March 18)
“Eternally confused and aspiring for love” (released March 18)
“Is It Cake?” (Released on March 18)
“Light the Night” Part 3 (released March 18)
“Stand up” (released on March 18)
“Top Boy” Season 2 (released March 18)
“Young, famous and African” (released March 18)
“Call the Midwife” Season 10 (released March 21)
“Might Express” Season 6 (released March 29)

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