Disney + Promo announces arrival of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Marvel’s Luke

Series such as Daredevil, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and Marvel’s Luke hit Disney + in March of this year, and the new Disney + promotion will show them off while excluding others.

The new Disney + promotion celebrates the introduction of Marvel’s previous Netflix series.

The promotion will feature some of the content that will arrive on the platform in March of this year. daredevil, Jessica Jones When Luke Cage..Your ad will also show snippets from West side story (2021), Olivia Rodrigo: Going home 2 u It is expected to be Moon knight The series was set up within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but some of the Netflix Marvel series will arrive at Disney + again this month, but weren’t included in the promotion.

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Following the announcement in early February that the Marvel series will leave Netflix on March 1st last week, news for all series and ABC Studios was reported. SHIELD agent It will be available for streaming on Disney + from March 16th. In addition to the Marvel show mentioned above Iron fist, Punisher When Defender Although excluded from new promotions, it will also shift streaming homes. of course, SHIELD agent And the future of Pixar get red Despite joining the service in the coming weeks, the movie is also absent.

With the introduction of the Marvel series, Disney + will update parental controls from March 16th. Unlike the original Disney + series, Wandavision When Falcon and Winter Soldier, All Marvel Netflix shows hold TV-MA ratings that include graphic violence, violent language, and sexual content. The series was highly praised during his stay at Netflix, and fans are even more excited to hope for some form of resurrection.

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Last year, the MCU was a few elements of Netflix’s Marvel Universe, especially daredevil.. In the same week of December, the show’s main heroes and villains Matthew Murdoch and Wilson Fisk / Kingpin joined the MCU. Spider-Man: No Way Home When HawkeyeStar Charlie Cox reported that he didn’t experience cheers while watching his return in the movie, but fans appeared on social media to inform Cox that he praised the moment. ..

So far, most of the time, there are reports and rumors about the future of previous Netflix shows. daredevil There are rumors that Cox will replay his role on many projects, and the leaked recruitment sheet is new. daredevil The project is also underway, but nevertheless, reports and rumors were previously shot down as Marvel’s insiders denied the claim that Jessica Jones should come and come back. She-Hulk Disney + series.

Fans of Netflix’s Marvel shows will be able to start streaming all their shows on the new Disney + Home starting March 16th.

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